How might the wedding dress be understandable in terms of supporting both partriarchy and capitalism?

Joe Young

Hull School of Art and Design

BA (Hons Games Design

The Open University


When a Woman Starts to think of her wedding day the first thing that comes up into her mind is her dress,”What shall I wear?” When looking at this image provided my first thoughts were about the colors and tones of the wedding dress it made it look clean, stand out to everyone else, the Background is a dull/dark brown and the flowers are deep with dark rich crimson, this brings the brightness of the white wedding dress there is such great contrast to the image.Wedding dresses are often White as white is a color of something new(a new beginning)it also symbols a sign of love and peace.Most Cultures and religions follow the western tradition because of the culture behind it.Many cultures  have different meanings for a wedding a dress so white doesn’t necessary  mean the same as in our tradition culture,

The woman in the image can bee is seen not to be a large woman, in fact, she is a slim nice toned body with fairly dark makeup, curled hair and plenty of jewelry that she wears on her neck and in her hair. The style of the dress.the colors the slim waist and the bust with plain white whereas and the bottom of the dress is beautifully well styled mildly expensive purchase to show the figure of the woman in her beautiful wedding dress, with such a beautiful wedding dress she wants everyone’s attention to look at her her slim fit expensive wedding dress.

Depending on the finance of the couple whom to get married, depending on the type of person who can afford such expensive wedding dresses, the woman that usually want to show off how much money the woman also like to show off her hips and also the detail of her dress. this dress seems to have a lot of different material the more material the dress has the more expensive it will be. I also think the way she is standing is quite positive and confident as she looks strong smart and mischievous with a slight smirk on her face.

the long large veil she is wearing looks beautiful but very plain and simple yet beautiful: according to veils have a lot of history to them since it’s been in our culture for a very long time. the veil was meant to protect the according to ancient greek times the veil would protect the bride from evil spirits and bring good luck.To some, the veil is used for fashion which in my opinion is a shame because instead of wearing something for the sake of fashion they don’t know the true meaning behind the veil.