Tilt Brush

This post will tell you the experience I have had using this software. I will also be talking about the software capability’s  and how it feels when you are stepped into an open space for you to draw in 3D. A NEW WAY OF ART.


My experience.

My experience was amazing as soon as I put the GTC VIVE on I felt like I was In a different reality like a new world. The Software allowed  me to  have the experience of having the illusion   of working in a 3d world. When I Had the remotes in my hand one acted like a paint brush and the other acted  like a paint brush panel.

I began to draw something that I was totally new too,an environment  that I though you just drew on a 2d plane  like drawing on a paper, But when i began to draw i started to realise that my drawing was not 2d But it was in 3d like drawing on an invisible peace of paper. My drawing kept changing as i drew it on the 3D plane. at first I only thought that you had a few paint brushes to choose from, But that wasn’t until my turn was over and I saw one on my class mates using particles for there drawings. Then i knew I wanted to be more creative with my drawings for the next time I Use it

The picture above shows what I have been talking about (Drawing in 3d form)

.The drawing  i did ended been an eyeball shooting out a lazer or some sort from its eye.

If you haven’t tried  The HTC or any Vr you will not be disappointed!!!