My game Animatic

This Post will show you two animatic videos on what my game would look like if I was to design this into a game. It also shows you that I have a   good understanding of how to create an animatic using After effects.

The first animatic shows you a Room that I designed in my game, I have made my room empty, animatic messy and dirty. I wanted to add some lighting effect animatic to give it an atmosphere for you to feel  like its a bad place to be or even someone did live here but  could be back any moment .  (Please view the video in full screen mode)

I have recreated this animated to add sound such as:

  • bugs
  • Thunder and rain
  • Rats
  • Flys

The video will show you a version with sounds.



Short film storyboarding.

This post will show you a small storyboard plan of a short film.  I have chosen different kinds of camera shots, I have chosen to do an extreme close up  originally the close up shot was going to be a tree trunk but on the day I was filming it was just starting to rain and I saw  little droplets on the grass And in my opinion  I found that very interesting. I also did long shot, medium shot and a video pan.



Final video

Here I have completed my final video for creative future videos, From my las attempt on my video editing and Shooting , this is a great improvement to my work. I went to the nature walk what is near my home and while I took my dog for a walk it was then I cam up with the Idea of doing a nature video. I got my camera and recorded  what caught my eye.

The Video tells you about the environment and how it has been treated by us. How can we prevent global warming? how can we keep what we have now.

The video wants tell other people what we already have and how it is changing over time.

In the video I have got shots that are only focused on one thing ,I have shots that have been taken in medium ranger and extreme range.

My best shot what I find best in my opinion is the grass and the water droplets. What are yours?

Please watch the video below and let me know what you think?