Understanding Narrative

Narrative, the narrative tells a story within an art image such as environments, People who tell a story with pictures to create a better immersive and a better understanding of what the character did or whatever is going on within that picture,you will often see this method in children’s books. The reason why narrative is used in video games such as The last of us,The Uncharted Franchise and other many popular AAA games, Narrative helps to give their environments a Story something good to explore and learn.for example a blown up building, There is a bed,food waste, and a burning candle.The bed shows that someone is sleeping there, Rubbish That someone has eaten here not long ago, Candle still burning showing this place is still in use for shelter and he or she will be back soon.
For my pride and Joy, I used Narrative in a way for the place to look semi-abandoned, Broken wood that indicates that the environment has been damaged but yet not abandoned, Pizza on plates someone has eaten here recently(the person could be lazy) a grandfather clock that is under repair a Biplane under repair (could be an ongoing project or an abandoned one). The place is messy like it’s still in use maybe used for storage?The door is still open with the light shining through showing that someone is still at home.

The narrative has changed the way I think about designing any environments and modeling.such as environments exterior and interior.I have enjoyed doing my research about Narrative because it has improved my modeling and design greatly.