Landscaping:Textureing WIP


This page will show you How I have imported the texture that  we have taken when we was in a group  at Hull University. I wanted to show you what more you could do with your textures ,how much detail you can get from just a 3D flat image. I will show you and tell you How I have created this.

I made the textures seamless with a size of 1024 x 1024  once I experimented  with seamless texturing, I then  moved on to importing my texture into Crazy bump. Crazy Bump is a favourite  texture program I like to use before importing  the textures into Unreal . The crazy bump  basically bumps my textures to be more realistic  like adding depth to the texture and shading.

The picture below will show you a rough idea how I created  my material in blueprint and  Crazy bump.