Topology (WIP)

The Boat:

Today I grabbed A boat image of the internet and Imported it into Photoshop.I drew over  the image  To simulate A wire-frame mesh. Doing this Will give a better understanding on What I think the boat would looks like In wire-frame

.Gnome Was also one of the  things we had to wire-frame In Photoshop. This give me a better understanding on how a wire-frame would work on a character.


Topology Research WIP

What is topology?

Topology is   a network design and  referees to low data in your topology no matter what size. Study of geometrical properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures. Topology works in quads for easy network data to pass though.Whatever type of geometry it uses  it will eather be created by NURBS  or vertexes and edges, The way topology works is it wraps around the mesh like a blanket  that links to different  vertex around your mesh.You can


topology works well in small or large models depending on how you do it.

Texturing will be more  sharp and fitting for when you uv map it.

UV mapping will be a lot easier  and tidier  for when texturing.


Topology  can become stretched  and  can cause problems when you  start to texture.

To much Topology can cause  frame rate to  drop when the model is placed in a Game engine so you have to have a low poly count before exporting it into thew game engine.

If you want to learn more about topology  you can See different types of  Technics about topology. here

bad and good topology.jpg

tThere is bad and good topology . Bad topology will have over stretched polygons,loops and triangles. This will cause  over lapping textures ,uneven surfaces  and brakes in the mesh If animated.

Good topology  will look like the picture on the right  the surfaces are a lot smoother,  square polygons  for data signals to be easily  passed though. This will make your mesh easier to animate and texture.