Texturing types and low poly guitar

This mini brief, I am a signed to model my guitar with less than 128 polys. The aim was to create something personal to you; in my case, I was told to model my Sigma Guitar what I played every now and then for a hobby.

Reference images

Sigma guitar front.jpg


Final render

since I was limited to a number of polys that I could work with, the guitar seems to be very basic and blocky, Because the guitar strings were cylinders and cylinders has a lot of poly count due to the smooth curveI had no choice on not adding these strings onto my guitar.

My guitar dimensions were

128 polygons

23.5 cm wide

16.5/22 length

4 cm height 2.5

It is important for my guitar to have the right dimensions just in case I wanted to import into UE4.

side viewSigma guitar frontwireframe Sigma Guitar



While creating the guitar, I found it easy to model in Low polys. I also found it when I model in low poly it makes my guitar seem ugly and not realistic. Texturing the model may block out the pointed shapes and edges of my guitar. For my future experiments, I  do more experimentation with low poly models.



Landscaping:Textureing WIP


This page will show you How I have imported the texture that  we have taken when we was in a group  at Hull University. I wanted to show you what more you could do with your textures ,how much detail you can get from just a 3D flat image. I will show you and tell you How I have created this.

I made the textures seamless with a size of 1024 x 1024  once I experimented  with seamless texturing, I then  moved on to importing my texture into Crazy bump. Crazy Bump is a favourite  texture program I like to use before importing  the textures into Unreal . The crazy bump  basically bumps my textures to be more realistic  like adding depth to the texture and shading.

The picture below will show you a rough idea how I created  my material in blueprint and  Crazy bump.





Seamless Texturing WIP

compearense  concrete.png

These textures show you a comeuppance 512×512 and 4096×4096. The texture are seamless to fit around most models or Can be used for painting landscapes in a game engine.    compearense  concrete template.png

The Seamless Metal texture was taken just outside of my college,The picture was taken from an electric box.dirt compearense  template.png

This texture was taken outside of the college, The Normal is a 512×512 and 1024×1024 is seamless.compearense  template.png

This Texture is a concrete Tile from one of the footpaths  near Queens Gardens HULL.compearense  template.png

What`s PBR?

PBR stands for :Physically Based Rendering.traditionalvspbr01.jpg

The picture above shows you a material with PBR enabled and disabled.  The difference about PBR is that it allows you to crate physical based rendering  on your mesh. The shader allows  you to create realistic textures onto your mesh to give it a better look then just normal Flat texture.

You will see PBR used in most  modern games but for some early access games  they stick to basic textures that they took with there Phones or cameras from home.  A great example for this is 7 Days To Die.