Landscaping:Textureing WIP


This page will show you How I have imported the texture that  we have taken when we was in a group  at Hull University. I wanted to show you what more you could do with your textures ,how much detail you can get from just a 3D flat image. I will show you and tell you How I have created this.

I made the textures seamless with a size of 1024 x 1024  once I experimented  with seamless texturing, I then  moved on to importing my texture into Crazy bump. Crazy Bump is a favourite  texture program I like to use before importing  the textures into Unreal . The crazy bump  basically bumps my textures to be more realistic  like adding depth to the texture and shading.

The picture below will show you a rough idea how I created  my material in blueprint and  Crazy bump.






What is Animatic?

Animatic is  is an animated storyboard. Boards are brought into an editing program such as  After effects or flash and are cut together  with  the correct timing and pace of the film. They include basic sounds dialogue recordings and scratch soundtracks.Animators such as Pinxar or Disney are great at doing  Animatic to prepare there next big film.

Animatic also is great for  making drafts of animations or game development it allows  them to give them a vishion on what they are working on, and if the animation doesn’t make scene or doesn’t fit in they can just redraw it.

If you would like an example of an Animatic   you can click here.Wake-Up-7.jpg

Tilt Brush

This post will tell you the experience I have had using this software. I will also be talking about the software capability’s  and how it feels when you are stepped into an open space for you to draw in 3D. A NEW WAY OF ART.


My experience.

My experience was amazing as soon as I put the GTC VIVE on I felt like I was In a different reality like a new world. The Software allowed  me to  have the experience of having the illusion   of working in a 3d world. When I Had the remotes in my hand one acted like a paint brush and the other acted  like a paint brush panel.

I began to draw something that I was totally new too,an environment  that I though you just drew on a 2d plane  like drawing on a paper, But when i began to draw i started to realise that my drawing was not 2d But it was in 3d like drawing on an invisible peace of paper. My drawing kept changing as i drew it on the 3D plane. at first I only thought that you had a few paint brushes to choose from, But that wasn’t until my turn was over and I saw one on my class mates using particles for there drawings. Then i knew I wanted to be more creative with my drawings for the next time I Use it

The picture above shows what I have been talking about (Drawing in 3d form)

.The drawing  i did ended been an eyeball shooting out a lazer or some sort from its eye.

If you haven’t tried  The HTC or any Vr you will not be disappointed!!!

Intro to VR

This post will explain How VR has changed games and how it has impacted on how developers make there games.


So What is VR?]

VR (Virtual reality) uses Computer technology to simulate a digital environment that uses 3D space,Vr places the player/person into a Virtual Environment Instead of viewing a screen from you desk, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds/other players.



How does VR work?

VR is a wearable tech that makes you think you’re standing in a 3d world.The headset set-up is being used by Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Google, and usually requires three things. A PC, console or smartphone to run the app or game, The VR system will help with many things not just to play or make Video games but for medical use as well. and what I mean by that is Using VR for Operations designing a cast for a patient, Chect the full patients skellington in 3d form .The Vr works by motion tracking we have  had the technology for years, in our phones,cameras and tablets.



Learning Photoshop

What is Photoshop?

The software offers a lot of Image editing features for raster (Pixel,images)

Photoshop is used by photographers, graphic designers, video game artists, advertising and meme designers.

Game artists use Photoshop to create seamless  textures for there models, Seamless texturing is adding multiple of the same textures together in a single canvas. Concept art is also used in Photoshop with extra add-ons with paint brushes and colour pallets .

I have used Photoshop for a little over 6 years now and I still haven’t learnt everything about the program yet .