Service vehicle Concepts wip


Here I will show you some Visual work Of my final concept for my Service vehicle.

I will be drawing many different types of service vehicles That are suited in Past and present time. once I have created these Vehicles I had chosen 3 That I wanted to take further into my development concept, I chose The Pickup TUKTUK, Police TUKTUK and the Taxi TUKTUK

What was the 3 service vehicles I Chose?

I chose The Pickup TUKTUK, Police TUKTUK and the Taxi TUKTUK




I then decided on the 3 what I Thought was the right one to take a head with my development. I chose the Taxi for my final development, The Taxi TukTuk was the one what caught my eye because of the past experience I had riding a TUK TUK in India,  I always thought TukTuks where fast and speedy I know they only have a 250cc Vespa engine inside to power the vehicle But I thought they were still fast for what they are. So I stuck a BIG V8 engine, Spoiler and A custom exhaust so that my vehicle looks fast and feels fast.

here are some of my concepts I have created







done-tukt-tukfront-view-tukt-tukside-viewtuk-tuk-001yellow-sideyellow-taxituk-tuk-final-conceptfinal-concept-idea-psdfinal concept idea adde city.png

light concept idea light on.png onfinal concept idea night time.png