Semiotics connotation and denotation


Rough  planing and understanding .




Denotation And Connotation
Games design (Ba Hons)
By joe young
Here I will explain the differences between two images and what’s there purpose is as a game designers point of view. For example (a bright colored pictures of a penguin, Connotation will be The penguin is cute or small and harmless)

Denotation: Connotation:
⦁ Fire                                 Hot, Red, and evil
⦁ Expression                   Bad? Grumpy?
⦁ pose                                Has been killing people wanting to show off.
⦁ Skeleton                        He is Dead and not alive.
⦁ Helmet                           He is to be a worrier but has to win the war first.


Denotation:                             Connotation:

⦁ Black and white                   lonely, Sad memory
⦁ Expression                             Angry, A leader?
⦁ pose                                          He is ready to fight?
⦁ armor suit                               Strong and hard to be killed.
⦁ Title                                           Space sci fi
⦁ broken armor                         He dies in battle in a life or has survived a war? also not human maybe a god?


Overwatch notes

Colors, fact she is holding weapons, contradicted by animation, or child style. Her focus is off screen.

What overWatch suggests  for instance a guardian  The font kind of gives the theme of the game  been futuristic, That’s backed up by what she is wearing.


Sly cooper notes

Colors, style of title it makes it look old and fast where it bends to a side.  The characters facing away from the camera , The style will appeals  to a younger audience  from its comic look.

The silhouette implies  a mysterious  element and criminal aspect as the character is running across a roof top.


Over watch

The first Graphical image cover that I will be looking at is Over watch. On the cover you can see brightly colors that indicate   as a style of a child’s animation. Animation is usually made for children and   developed by Pixar, Disney and any other animation company.

The character seems like she is constantly in action  because of the way she is positioned and the way she is holding her guns, Her facial expressions does seem like she is focused on something and aiming for a goal  to achieve.

We automatically know that this game is going to be futuristic just by looking at the font. The font is clean and evenly spaced out  to match the look of the game it is presenting All this is backed up by what armor she is using and the jetpack that is what is helping her to hover over obstacles.

Sly cooper

The second Graphical image cover  will be based on Fly Cooper  an old video game what was brought out on the Play station 2.  The colors that the cover presents are made to look like an old style comic in my opinion, In this case dark colors with highlighted graphical images with in the cove. The title of the cover “Sly 2 Band of thieves “appeals to younger audience’s due to the fact that its big and in Blue And white colors.  The title also feels like its going to be a fast pace game due to it bending to the side. And the sly character running at the bottom.   The silhouette implies a mysterious element and criminal aspect to the theme. The game is about stealing objects from houses as you can see there is a house in the back ground, hens why he is running on the top of the building with his cane.  The style of the character also looks like it’s a low poly type not really on the graphic side but more of the story. The way I look at the cover and how I think about it.

The cover takes me back to old memory’s on how games should where (Like animation style) But I was a kid when these games came out I found anything with carttons and bright colors interesting.