Rage water: Questionnaire

In this session, we were to take part in a questionnaire to help the developers to develop their game even further and also for them to know that me the players thinks of their game. I do enjoy the game because of the improvements, The game seems better with better dialogue and optimisations. I completed one questionnaire before the game wich was about personal information, For example,  one of the questions would say “How long do you play video games for”. The second part of the questionnaire which we did after playing the game, asked about what we enjoyed about the game. I still think the game needs great improvement because it appealed as a learning program rather than a video game as it quickly became repetitive and boring.


Rage WaterCooler

Game description

The player is hired as an office assistant by a small games studio with the goal to increase the productivity of the company. The productivity is reflected in the amount of finished and shipped games and their quality.source

The game felt a lot like The Sims, you had the ability to customise a few of your office areas but at the same time very limited to resources within the game(as of yet).The Things you can customise are plants, basic desks, and some bookshelf.The way you spaced things in your in-game world became very clunky and again you were limited to where you can put the declaration within your office space (why can’t I just place it anywhere I want).To improve the game, in my opinion, is to allow the player to have full freedom and customisation over the game.I am not saying the game is going to be a bad in the future, I like the mechanic where you had to make multiple games and be guided through each step to publish your game. After a while it does get boring because of doing the same thing over and over again.(maybe let us build multiple office areas in a different country as your team grows, Not just the interior but the exterior.(I want to feel like this is my office and something I would like to look at when I play the game.


The Game was in the good state for an alpha a few bugs here and there but nothing major.I like the layout of the game and the character design.I like the Idea of the meet and greet up at the centre of the room where your staff can go to if they want to socialise making them become less bored.The mechanics are great, the way your characters can go in a mood if you say the wrong thing while you’re talking to them. even when they finish their work they can notify you when it’s done so that you can proceed to the next stage of making your game.


The level design was very basic to the point  I got bored of looking at the same room for over 40 minutes, How about adding more mechanics to the game, for example, changing the colour of the wall, carpets and desks, adding more plants, TV and other social areas.Most game companies now have office’s that are themed by their game, making it more inspiring for other people to get on with their work (NOT GETTING BORED). I feel that the game is lacking in som department but hopefully, in the future, I will be able to revisit this game and review it again.