Rabbit Heart Character Concept

For this task, we had to work as a group to come up with a character design on a game that our tutors are working on(Rabbit Heart).we each was to work alone for at least 10 minutes just for us to familiarise our self on what The Rabbit Heart was about.once we had a better understanding of what the game our tutors were creating was about.we would share our different ideas on a character as a class group.Each of us had to come up with a possible idea of a villain for the game.each person in our group shared their ideas that they had visions for the character.to then progress further we created favourite elements from everyone’s  designs.my favourite element was the toxic gas that the character had to breathe it in to stay alive.On how I had come up with that idea was, I was watching The Flash /(TV Show) and one of the villains in the show had to breath toxic chemicals to stay alive so he started to break into toxic wastelands, as he faded on the toxic he became stronger and more violent.

My next task I had to do for this mini brief was to carry on a development of the character I then started to design different props that would suit the character.