Learning Sketch up

Sketch up is a basic Modelling software that allows you to model something easy and fast.

This program is good for beginners to start learning basic 3D modelling. The 3d Software is developed By google. AAA title games like Uncharted used this program for basic layout for there environment.

What have I Used sketch up for?

I Use sketch up for rough modelling my ideas. The software was helpful for me to start my basic 3d modelling before I moved on to bigger and better 3d Software like 3dsMax.



Learning 3ds Max

What is 3ds Max?

3ds max is  a powerful program  that allows you to model in 3D space. This allows you to create 3d models that can be  infinite.

For example you can start off with a simple Box and it could be moulded into a dresser,or you start off with a plane and moulding that into a house.

you can animate in 3ds max  by using the 3ds max animate tools inside the program.

Textures can also be created in 3ds max  to give your models a more realistic look.

Here’s a production pipeline of a 3D animated feature film, typical in big animation facilities like Pixar and Dreamworks. main-qimg-ab830ff74d3ccc7796b8903be2877e2a-c.jpg