Engaging The Player

Why are gamers so obsessed?

As a gamer myself I find games to be highly addictive and Engaging to play, Games today give you the feeling like you are playing in a story if that’s fighting the bad guys to win the war or saving an artifact from an abandoned tomb. Games encourage players to come back to play by adding a mechanic like a reward system, This mechanic gives the player a purpose of playing video games.

Facts about games and how it effects other peoples mind(research)

1. Games help us tap into positive emotions like curiosity, optimism, creativity, and even love. These emotions stay with us up to 24 hours after we play.

2. We’re more likely to cooperate with someone in our real lives after we’ve played a social game with them involving a cooperative mission. 

3. We’re more likely to set an ambitious goal for ourselves after we’ve succeeded in a game. We’ll speak up more for ourselves.  We’ll even flirt with a more attractive stranger.

How do I design addiction?

If I was to create a game for a purpose for someone to be kept entertained and to always come back, I would first write a blog review about my game idea and publish it on Reddit or any other popular community website.  I would then wait for negative and positive feedback and listen to what people want in a video game.

As you know people think that the video game industries are running out of ideas that`s the reasons why games are NOT as good as they wear.If I was to pitch a game I would Brainstorm multiple ideas to come up with a different kind of mechanic or a story that the players are been waiting for.Doing research and taking other peoples feedback is key before planning a game.