Game Adaptations:Pitch

The aim of this task is to design a game based on existing pieces of media. For my Idea,  I have chosen to adapt mine from Harry potter and Taken while setting in a  modern world.The harry potter aspect come from a magic touch the game, where no one uses the doors they fly on their brooms through the window etc. I have chosen Taken for my second aspect of a game because its modern its more realistic and it`s believable.

My game will be based in one or two rooms, Mostly where the character spends most of her time like an office or a bedroom.

My game vision is something the way TellTale Games make their games, clues you where you have to find clues in the room by clicking and pointing in different locations of the rooms. once you have searched and found clues you may move onto to the next level.

Throughout this poses of this project, I will be creating maps, storyboards, plans, nd Animatics.