Texture Maps:Understanding WIP



This map is a blend of 3 grey scale materials. Roughness map / Heigh map / AO map. In photoshop u can copy and paste the mask into each channel independantly R G and B. You can also add a 4th in the alpha channel

Normal maps



Bump maps



Specular maps




Seamless Texturing WIP

compearense  concrete.png

These textures show you a comeuppance 512×512 and 4096×4096. The texture are seamless to fit around most models or Can be used for painting landscapes in a game engine.    compearense  concrete template.png

The Seamless Metal texture was taken just outside of my college,The picture was taken from an electric box.dirt compearense  template.png

This texture was taken outside of the college, The Normal is a 512×512 and 1024×1024 is seamless.compearense  template.png

This Texture is a concrete Tile from one of the footpaths  near Queens Gardens HULL.compearense  template.png

C-Digital Colour/Photoshop Concepts

photoshop over draw Frog18102016.png Photoshop is used in many different  methods in the gaming industry.  this involves in concept art for a game ,Texturing your final mesh to put into your game or  even editing  your favourite pictures from a memory book.

I used Photoshop to paint one of my creature drawing that was in my Notebook. There is many different

  • Technics of drawing
  •  Digital art
  • Charcoal
  • Traditional

Traditional drawings that  are pencil  drawings.

Digital Art is something drawn from a software

Charcoal  is something drawing in Black chalk

Paint is done with brushes