Perspective Drawing

Today’s lesson we learned how to use perspective drawings and how we can make them 3D  on paper.  We started by drawing the horizon line for the base of my 3D drawing.we practised using circles, shadows and lines to better me Traditional 3D we would use the horizon line as a guideline for our 3D drawing to be drawn , this could on its side so that it appears to look 3d,The shading would also give it the effect of it being 3D The darker shading that will represent of a shadow and the lighter shading presenting to be the light where the sun is facing. I rather found the horizon line to be much better to use and to understand the term of traditional  3D, the Horizon line give me benefit where I wanted my Object to be on the paper and no matter where I chose to put the object  I could you the guideline and always make it 3d by connecting the dot for each side.  The guidelines and the small dashes give me the opportunity to use in different artwork and to experiment more with my work.

Finally, After I have practiced perspective drawings  I wanted to draw something that was mine and that I have owned  The aim was not to make it and outstanding piece of work but to draw something easy enough for someone to know what it is.My aim is to model and to become a level designer in the Game Industry so perspective drawing is the key element that I need to learn.