Customisation in a game is very important to the player in my opinion If i where to create a character in a video game I would make it my own, Instead of  been stuck to a charter who you dont really like or you think its boring , You possibly wont enjoy the game as much as you would if you where to create your own. I play GTa and in the campaign your stuck between 3 characters, yh 3 should be enough right ?  but I find the campaign only to be playable once  because it gets boring  playing the same characters over and over again, The online is a different story, But if you play skyrim  You can create your own Race , you can see how that character lives compared to  a Nord or a wizard. You can be living in the swamp in the forest depending what character/race you choose.

rewards keep me coming back or  the level system I WANT TO BE THE HIGHEST LEVEL THERE IS . when I reach a higher  level then someone else I feel more powerful then that person because the game allows me to more then a lower level could.

Other people will be aiming for the same thing  longs it looks cool people will aim to get it. Its like Gta bring out a DLC that  it has a car that shoots rockets and can fly…..OH wait…….

I would want that car so bad that I feel like I wouldn’t want to come off the game until I Have it.