What is Pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a type of apophenia where you can see patterns though data. This could mean you can see faces in objects like plugs, a half eat an apple or the front of a car.

For example, the headlight would be eyes and the air vents could be the mouth.pareidolia-7__605.jpg

We have all looked up at the sky on a cloudy/sunny day and stared at the clouds passing by.and you start to notice small or large faces in the clouds.

When I was a child  I laid on the grass while it was a hot summers day with my friends, we played a game on who can spot the dragon in the clouds first, and whoever won had to come up with another picture to find in the clouds.

Below I created some pareidolia drawings in my sketch Book.  The idea was to scribble anything onto the paper with a marker and with a pen to make something out of that scribble. this method allows you to come up with many different designs for you model. (because who likes copied work ey ?).

I have found a website that shows you Pareidolia here.