Nick Pettit Work flow

Here I will research the workflow of a different 3D artist who has had experience with working in the gaming industry. This will give me a better understanding of how another developer produces their work in the gaming industry.I Can also reflect on their work and improve myself for the future.

Nick pettit 

Pettit describes an asset workflow that he models for game props. In his Blog post, he will be showing the development of an old radio for someone with experience such as myself II will pick up a few tips and tricks from this blog.Nick goes and talks about the word “Assets”” a game asset is a character or an object that’s meant to appear in a video game”Nick describes that most props that are created in a game are just humble props radio001.jpgmeaning they are there just to fill out the background, so the game doesn’t look to empty: A wooden boat with boxes piled inside, a stone bridge, Some loot boxes placed in empty areas that could also be filled with Pots etc. Nick also mentions that creating a prop isn’t easy, it can be bewildering and time-consuming coming up with an idea that would have to fit that certain type of environment. Nick also explains Motivation for creating new assets can come from a variety of sources, such as walking down a street you see something old or fascinating, you then start to get motivated so you get your pen and paper out and 2cc39856b77d968cf12ca83a4e26d58cstart drawing that object you find fascinating. Nick also explains about polycount and shows the development of the 3d process to many polys can effect a game.that’s why a lot of developers like Nick do most of the detail in their textures.

I found his Blog post to be very useful, but I still would like to do more research about UV mapping because it is what I am lacking in my portfolio.