My game:Maps

This page will explain the maps about my game.  my maps are designed to be made look like someone has drawn a map of the street. you would often see this design in The Walking Dead made by telltale games. These maps are easy to read because they often give hints to the player by markings on the building or on the buildings.

Thee non-discovered part is the brown stains on the map, This will give you a wider range of exploration.  img018img017.jpg


Game Adaptations:Pitch

The aim of this task is to design a game based on existing pieces of media. For my Idea,  I have chosen to adapt mine from Harry potter and Taken while setting in a  modern world.The harry potter aspect come from a magic touch the game, where no one uses the doors they fly on their brooms through the window etc. I have chosen Taken for my second aspect of a game because its modern its more realistic and it`s believable.

My game will be based in one or two rooms, Mostly where the character spends most of her time like an office or a bedroom.

My game vision is something the way TellTale Games make their games, clues you where you have to find clues in the room by clicking and pointing in different locations of the rooms. once you have searched and found clues you may move onto to the next level.

Throughout this poses of this project, I will be creating maps, storyboards, plans, nd Animatics.

My game Idea WIP


My game is Mixed between the two Action films  Taken And Harry Potter.

The reason I had chosen these two films as a reference for my Game is because they’re believable with there interesting story line And its in modern or in past thence.

The pictures below describe different styles of what I want my Game to look like. I want my game to have a hint of a open world , this will give the player alot more exploration when playing the game. I want my idea  to evolve  to many things. Thats involving enteritis,magic and action.

Target Platforms and Demographics

My audience will be in the range of 12 years and onwards, The reason being is because the game will have darkness, Scary Rats jumpy scene and guns.

It is important to understand my audience and what I can have in my game. So no blood, killing scenes or Rats eating human corps.My game will be a click and point like finding something in draws or under the table. the game will include  Clues for the game not to be too hard for the younger audience.


Game conventions are great for young and old people to play together and if you ever go to one, you can have a better understanding how you can make your game for your target audience.

If you were making a game for 12 yrs+ you would fill your game with rich colors and fun sound effects or even rewards when completing a task.

If you were to make a game for adults you can but almost anything into a game. Blood, violence, bad language or killing other people.