Individual Mobile game concept

This Task is to develop a Game Concept Based upon a1 core mechanic. Instead of working as a group like I did for the last project.This project I am to work individually to create a game that will only have 1 core mechanic.

The Impossible Game 

The game has 1 core mechanic that allows you to tap on the screen to allow you to jump onto each platform while jumping to each platform you are constantly made to move, so a quick reaction would be needed to play this game. They are 3 mechanics that make this game but only one core mechanic the remaining 3 mechanics are counter to count how many attempts you have made, Menu button to access the settings. And the 3rd is practice mode that allows you to place down flags as spawn points for when you die. The game is super addictive and exciting to play for an individual player because when you die you are determined to beat your highest score.

Doodle Jump 

Doodle Jump is a game that uses a fantasy game setting based in a sketchbook in Doodle Jump, the aim is to guide a 4 legged alien called “The Doodler” up a never-ending series of platforms without falling off or going into the holes that are in the paper. The game is for you to reach the highest score that you can.The game as one core mechanic and that is swiping on your screen on where you want your character to jump next.

Initial Ideas

  • My first Idea was to use 1 core mechanic based on the Worms 2 Mobile game.
  • 8-bit style game that is based on the game “Snake”
  • Platforms move upwards  based on the game “Doodle Jump”
  • Collecting dots int the level that`s is based on “Pac Man”

Final Idea

My final idea is Game that you can control a worm that lives underground the 1 core mechanic is to swipe only up and down to avoid hitting the obstacle in my character’s path. When you first start the game you have no control of how fast the movement your character goes the aim of my game idea is to travel the furthest without ever having to surface from underground travelled when you have to surface your score resets but your distance travelled stays. The winner should have the highest score with the least amount of distance travelled.

The Style

The Style I want my game to look like is similar to Disney studios.


To earn extra score/points you can collect scrap or broken items while you are on your journey.


The HUD for this will be basic and only show a few things due to the game to be on a small screen. At the top centre of the HUD, the Distance that you have travelled will be displayed. The Top left will be your scoring system. And the top right will be the small menu Button( The HUD  will be 50% opacity for clearance  and to make it less cluttered)


This small brief I was to create an idea for a game for a mobile game. I enjoyed this mini brief because it allowed us to work in a team and to come up with multiple ideas. I enjoyed imagining my game idea on what it would look like if I where to develop it into a game. I also understand working in a team is important and your first ideas aren’t your final concept of the game.