A pattern language

Here I will be reading a Book A pattern language by Christopher alexander this shows us how everything around us has been designed and built to create towns.The book consists of 253 different specific patterns that are found here. The Main focus of this book appears to be environment design because of the split sections within the patterns which are Buildings, towns and Constructions.

Looking at this list make me feel like I have learned a lot about Christopher alexander patterns and how they are set out. The first semester of games design I developed a town Map for my game project Christopher alexander patterns would have benefited me while developing those maps for my game. One of the patterns within this section “Between the housesClusters and work communities, allow the local road and paths network to grow informally piecemeal. This has made me think about the immersion of my map drawing as well as been narrative. The building within the map where designed way to large compared to its surroundings and my not been believable due to the fact the map was meant to be small and compact. however, my map drawing implements a post-apocalyptic style due to it been looking like a piece of paper with spilt coffee on it.


Mini brief: preFinal bridge concept wip

Here are my final concepts of my bridges on how I completed this final peace is I drew some rough sketches of different types of bridges from  Simple Beam Bridges to the Big Suspension Bridges that are like seven bridges in one.

modelling My Simple Beam Bridge in sketch up gave me the correct perspective of my bridge.In earlier stages of the project,  I started drawing and sketching my Ideal bridge onto paper, I then moved on from experimenting with my drawing and  moved onto photo bashing  the idea is to pan out my experimentation’s to give me a wider range of Ideas to experiment with.I have chosen to do water under the bridge because it acts as nature friendly  And doesn’t destroy the environment.This isn’t the only reason I have chosen to do this bridge, I got my reference  from Skyrim, Skyrim is an old MMO That includes Dragons, goblins and magic , In the landscape they had a few of the same small arch bridges that I have discovered  from exploration.

The texture of the bridge is too clean for my opinion In further time I will redesign my Arch Bridge into a more fitting environment and improve my presentation for the next stage of my development. Instead the textures been just stone and stone bricks, I will add moss and algae to the bridge for it to have some wear and tear also move on to develop crack and broken bricks.


Here is A simple Beam  Bridge I modelled in sketch up. The bridge feels like it should be I an animation more than a game the colours are bright and the style of the concept is cartoony. I added some trees to fill up the background and to give it an environmental feeling.


Here is a bridge that I got off From the 3D warehouse in the sketch up tab,. This arch Bridge is a bridge with abutments at each end shaped as a curved arch. I wanted my design to a to have a structure of it been a Simple beam bridge and an arch bridge. While I was designed this bridge It reminded me Of most of the bridges that are used in Skyrim. These Bridges Are Usually made out of stone and wooden timber.

Fact: the Oldest existing arch bridge is in the Mycenaean Arkadiko that is in Greece Backdated  1300 BC, The bridge is still in use by Local  Populace  source file 



In this project, I feel Like I have done More research than most of my other project 1 year ago, I would never be thought of the architecture of some of these bridges on how they were developed. I have also learned how to create bridges with the right structure beams are placed for the bridge to stay stable or stay together. I experimented with my ideas and it allowed me to have a great range of bridges to chose from. The trees in my final concept look real and doesn’t suit the rest of the concept.



Mini Brief:PhotoBash

Here I will show you and explain my Photobashing design that I did in photoshop.

What is Photobashing?

Photobashing is a type of digital illustration in which photos/pieces of photos are manipulated together.This technic is Used by some artist but This particular artist caught my attention. Maciej Kuciara is a concept designer and illustrator for films and video games industry in Los Angeles, California.Maciej went ahead and worked for Big title films including X-men: Days of Futures Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending and video game The Last of Us. here you can find the artists Blog

Maciej Work is very detailed and some look very realistic with the colour tones he uses in photoshop. Before I started Interactive media At my college I thought photoshop was only used to edit photos but it wasn’t till when I saw the digital art on google images and start to research about that image, how was it made etc.

Here I have tried to do some Photobashing for myself And it turned out to look okay, I see that the colour coordinations are not right some parts are grey and some parts are green.The Photos that were used in this picture are 3 separate images, a mountain


, Landscape and big boulders. In the images, I have stuck these images in variety places around the landscape this would give it a better scenery to look at. I have put the images down below to show what the original image looked like.photo-bash


Mini Brief: Creating a Bridge Research

For Creative Futures, We were given a mini Brief to use our creative minds to come up with Different types of Physical structures That connect to two points.  The purpose of bridges is to allow moving objects or people to cross unreachable lands.

What can define a bridge? To define a bridge it can be anything that connects to two points, This could be a stick that has broken off an old tree and landed in a little ditch that allows insects to cross To the other side.

Leafs can act as shelter and Bridges depending how you look at them, There is a great Pixar movie that uses Abnormal things that a human can’t use but insects can for bridges, I am talking about, Leafs, Sticks, Dead animals, an old boot from a human etc.

Some animals even make their own bridges by colonising together and connecting them self’s to make a physical structure, These are  Ants.

I have taken a picture from Google to show you how these ants work and how they can work together to form a bridge.




What types of bridges Are they?

  •  Beam Bridges
  • Truss.
  • Arch.
  • Cantilever.
  • Suspension.
  • Cable Stayed.
  • these are many different styles of bridges you will end up seeing within your local area.

I did some quick sketches of bridges that I may find interesting, Some of these bridges I have drawn are not only just for Human beings  But For anything that lives on this earth. Most Bridges are used for many other Things and used for my different purposes. This vision I had created in my mind was to make a bridge that could be used by Animals a lot like the Disney move Bugs Life, In that films, Bugs worked to build their homes so, so my bridge had to have a narrative that someone was there or something.


I thought I would go out to the city centre and take photos to have a better understanding on What style and choices I could have when it come to creating my bride.










James Paich

Concept vehicle by Roberto F. Castro

Roberto F.Castro  make vehicle concepts for games and films, areRoberto works for the world Class Digital Art and Design Services. The vehicles he designs in the different variance of designs from Futuristic helicopter carrier to retro spaceships to stylised cars There inspiration  they looked for  in the aspirational and stylish  designs of the 1940 and the 1950s air travel. The stle of vehicles remind me of fallout where they have that retro look to their cars and props.





I like the last one where it looks like a boat and a spaceship in one, So does that mean it can float on water? or does it go under the water like a modern submarine like we have today?

Roberto F. Castro was kind enough to show us all a tutorial on how to create such art here.

Vehicle Concept Artist: Steve Harper

Steve Harper  works at the Art & Design  Organisation LTD  what attracted me to his work was that he designs unique and different  styles of motorbikes, He goes thought he design possess of drawing the bike on paper then concept over it in colour and then start to develop it in psychical 3D form.

Not only does Steve design his motorcycles  but he makes story boards using his own work in vehicle designs here  . This gives Steve  the knowledge of air dynamic  and what design will be best for  fast wind. You don`t want a car to do 50 mph and then suddenly the wind lifts the car upside down.

His design  inst neat it inst on a professional peace  of paper, His work is smoothed  out when it comes to putting it into Photoshop.

SHADO is the acronym of the Company’s name ‘Steve Harper Art & Design Organisation’.The company was first discovered in 1983 originally operating in Germany, Austria and the UK.



This company doesn’t just work on motorbikes but cars also this involves Taxis in London and sports cars  on race tracks. My prospective of his designs is That I like the way his models has alot of curves  this makes the object smooth and tidy.

I love his design of the wheels where they dip into the vehicle  in photograph I am showing you. The flat smooth top for better air flow around the car to make it go faster.

I like where he has implemented these design into his motorbikes, and this is where the Tuk Tuk comes in. The top picture shows a tuk tuk but made in a modern way . maybe for the future? in my opinion i dont like this design



If you want to visit Steve Harper  Portfolio based on his design  you can click here.


2 Week Mini Brief

During the 2 week period of been off university,  we were assigned a mini brief to create a service vehicle. This Vehicle could be modern, sci-fi and based in the past.After my experiences in different countries like India, Thailand, and turkey I have been given the privilege to ride a vehicle called a TUK-TUK, this small Vehicle can carry up to 3 people in its chase but if you’re in India you can fit 10 people because no one cares about road safety other there.

What is a tuk-tuk?

Tuk Tuks has many different characters and shapes when it comes to these vehicles.There is also many different ways this vehicle can be used such as Ambulance, Police, Taxi, carrying small cargo for small businesses and general use for the public.

My role is to create this vehicle in 3ds max and but it into the unreal engine. I will also draw many styles of the vehicle on paper. I can model this vehicle because I have seen them in real life and I have a good basic idea on howe to model a vehicle in 3ds max.

I think the challenge for me will be the bodywork with all the curves and detail in the body frame. All this will be hard to do if I want the correct topology