Mobile Game Concept

This Task we will  Develop a Game Concept Based around 5 Different Dreamworks Based around Disney.

  1. silly Achievements that drive the game.
  2. customise a character.
  3. customize food
  4. Design a ship
  5. racing Game
  6. dinosaur riding game
  7. planet destroyer
  8. connect  the electron
  9. chain reaction games.
  10. defend the castle
  11. rhythm game
  12. snail Road game
  13. speed run Game
  14. Dream Scape ( go through verity dream worlds, Turn based RPG)

Final Idea game (Dream Scape)

core mechanic: Quests

Dub-Mechanic: Discovery, Levels and cascading Information

Our game is a 16-Bit style game That allows you to create and customise your character, worlds withThe aim of the game is to Travel to multiple worlds with the hope of defeating the bosses earning your victory  to move onto the next dreamworld.Each dream world will be different that are  full of different themes that are based on Disney.

Peoples DreamScape roles.

1.Rekit Ralph: candy land (Villan,Turbo)

5.Wall-E Scrapyard(Villan, Auto)

3.Incredibles: tropic island(Villan,Syndrome)

4.Alice In Wonderland: Wonderland(Villan,Red Queen)

2.Bug’s Life:Grass heap(Villan,Hopper)

Customize: Boy/Girl.

As a team we have chosen Dream Scape that involves Jumping into 5 different dreamworlds  that are adapted with Disney.

Since  we decided  that  the game we are going to develop further into a concept  we thought it would be a good Idea for each of us to work on our own dream worlds to expand out our game concept ideas.Our ideas where evolved around Disney  the Disney Universe, therefore Each world Has to be based upon Disney.

My role is to develop a candy world that is based on the Disney film Rekit in game world Idea  Is to develop an environment that suits the candy world feature of My Dream world Game concept.The main mechanic is  to win a golden model to complete the level.