Texturing types and low poly guitar

This mini brief, I am a signed to model my guitar with less than 128 polys. The aim was to create something personal to you; in my case, I was told to model my Sigma Guitar what I played every now and then for a hobby.

Reference images

Sigma guitar front.jpg


Final render

since I was limited to a number of polys that I could work with, the guitar seems to be very basic and blocky, Because the guitar strings were cylinders and cylinders has a lot of poly count due to the smooth curveI had no choice on not adding these strings onto my guitar.

My guitar dimensions were

128 polygons

23.5 cm wide

16.5/22 length

4 cm height 2.5

It is important for my guitar to have the right dimensions just in case I wanted to import into UE4.

side viewSigma guitar frontwireframe Sigma Guitar



While creating the guitar, I found it easy to model in Low polys. I also found it when I model in low poly it makes my guitar seem ugly and not realistic. Texturing the model may block out the pointed shapes and edges of my guitar. For my future experiments, I  do more experimentation with low poly models.