Interface and Aesthetics


Good UI provide relevant information to the player quickly and clearly.  The HUD  provides good visual elements to the user about the game. The UI can also display visual effects such as weather, Blood and triggered areas. this will give the user a realistic effect on the person they are controlling.

The HUD  can show you many different mechanics such as Ammo, your gun, Hints and  health, and stamina.

The HUD can be important but most users like to play with no HUD. Playing with no HUD makes the user more free to do what he want in the game.It also makes the game a lot harder and more realistic for the user.

some games use there HUD in many different ways such as using a map to track every movement of your character, also the time of day (clock) or even how much money you have earned in game. The reference  I have used are a couple of images from the GTA franchise. The HUD is quick easy and clear for the user top see and it easier to remember(you don’t want a HUD that is too CLUTTERED and in your face ) Your HUD should never force a player to do something.


This GUI is an interactive inventory system.  The GUI shows you a Big picture at the bottom of your selected weapon.  In this interactive menu, the user can Store inventory on to the character.