Prison Cell

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For this model, we are challenged to create a game from one of our 3 idea game, Each game where aged between 12/14+/35+.

Each Idea was designed to create a game for each of the Age categories.

So for the age of 12, I would come up with a game that is easy, colorful and a theme of the cartoon. My first Idea was to come up with an insect game, This game would be based in a back garden, The garden will look an abandon with long tall grass weeds  and full of insect life, In this game, you  will be on a racing track racing your fellow insect friends from the garden.

On the race course, you will be presented with obstetrical s trying to block your path to finish the race. Such as  Lawnmower broke sticks, branches, and wet puddles.

The prison Cell In the slide show is what I have come up for our final idea game for the 35 years. The models were made in 3ds max and will be later textured in substance painter.

The prison cell is made to look like it still in use, this means you will see posters on the wall and family photos next to a bed or on the shelves.  The beds are nicely tidy because in a real life prison you are made to tidy your cell (Bed)  if you didn’t you would getting an up by the guards or put into a dark room for a week, this is known as the hole.

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