First time Texturing Experiment

Because I didn’t have my model from my previous session on me from 3D realisation, I went ahead and created another mesh that is a Computer monitor.Once I had modeled my monitor I had the task of texturing using the UVW modifier on my Monitor.Adding texture was another challenge for my model for it to look realistic. In 3DS Max I used a modifier called UVW mapping, this allows me to see my Uvs within my mesh, UV allows me to set each face which allows me to Flatten the UV .which made it easier for me to apply a texture to the correct face.

I then went into Photoshop and added a texture that I found on the internet using my UV as a guide. The texture size was 1024 x 1024 which meant it was is big enough for a small mesh-like My monitor.In Photoshop I used the stamp Tool To copy the plastic texture within the Guided lines of my UV. I also grabbed a Screenshot on what I was working on while I was in 3ds max And used it for the screen on my monitor.

I Enjoyed Texturing as I did in my previous modules for 3D, I seem to have gotten better with my texturing because I learned how to correct my Density texturing as well as my base color. I am not perfect at UVW  but I am determined to be better for future projects.