For this brief, I am to build some knowledge of Zbrush and sculptures.I am first to sketch portraits of a peer, Celebrity and myself.The celebrity that we can only choose from is

  1. Tilda Swinton,
  2. Wai Ching HO,
  3. Samuel L.Jackson
  4. Gabriel Byrne
  5. Marianne Jean-Baptiste
  6. Richard O`Brien, Judy Dench
  7. Benedict Wong
  8. Ian McNeice
  9. Steve Buscemi

Using different Methods such as Charcol, Pen and pencil, to shows different techniques and development throughout this brief.Studying Anatomy, the structure of the face, and the bones and musculature that underpin the structure of the face.

Learn the process of skill set development, that you should explore the work of Games artists you Admire and look into their development and structure design.

PART 2-Intro to 3D Realisation

Develop 2 digital 3D portraits based upon the portraits I have worked on, You may use Zbrush and sculptris to develop you 3d design.


Understanding Anatomy and facial structure.

To improve my drawing skills even further I came by to Understand Facial structure and anatomy, This will further my skills in character design and facial Expressions. Understanding the human skull such as the neurocranium that is the bone Structure surrounding the Brain and the viscerocranium that is formed by the bones supporting the face.When it come to drawing the face it is important to research different parts of the face like the Mandible that is also known as the lower Jaw, Maxilla that holds the upper teeth and it also assists in forming the roof of your mouth. Then there is the Frontal That is your forehead.

On top of your Viscerocranium, there will rest Muscle tissue or striated skeletal muscles this develops the shape of the human face and control your Facial expressions. In every face, there is a different shape to how the Mimetic make people look.


Image sources

  1. https://elementsofmorphology.nih.gov/anatomy-head_face.shtml
  2. https://www.sporcle.com/games/STCCI11/label-major-muscles-of-face-and-head



Triple face portrait.

research how other people draw them self’s and imperilment it into all models

Celebrity Character Portraits

For my Celebrity I had drawn Samual L Jackson, Samual L Jackson is known to be a very famous actor starring in the Marvel films The Avengers and Captain America. I decided to draw my celebrity in charcoal pencil so I could get better shadows and tones within my portrait.

Samual L Jackson.png


Self Portraits

Here I have drawn myself using a different variety of methods, I created my drawings using a brush pen, Pencil, pen and a cotton smudge pencil to blend in the shadows. For my first attempt, I used a mirror to catch the facial structure of my face, I then began to sketch out in pen the shape of my head, I then had drawn lines across the page to indicate where my  Frontal, eyes, neurocranium and lips would be on my face.I then drew my eyes, nose mouth and ears. to get the correct measurements of my eyes I looked in the mirror on where my ear began and where it ended, With my ear, it ended near my neurocranium and begun at the top of my eyebrow. Since I used a brush pen, I transformed it into a digital art concept by Using the correct colour to paint my face and then modified the layer as Darken, Darken allows me to see the tone in my face. as my first attempt, I didn’t do too well because I didn’t explore different techniques with the brush pen and pen.Self portrait.png


Peer Portraits

For Part of my Peer, I decided to draw my Girlfriend Ais. While we were on Video call together I asked her”do you mind if I do a portrait of you ” and she happily said Yes. While she did a pose I quickly did an outline of her head, hair and neck. The first portrait I did was Rubbish, I didn’t use perspective and I was still trying to understand the Anatomy and facial structure until I did more research I started to see the floors of my drawing. I then began to start again and sketch Ais from her perspective.After I had done My drawing I scanned the picture into Photoshop and did the same method I did for the Children’s adaptation Weapons brief.The only thing I’d done differently is that I added a Blur gradient to my colours, The purpose of adding a Blur gradient is that it blends the colours to have that more natural look of her skin tone. The purpose of colouring my peer is to show natural skin tones, shadows and highlights.