Environment Extrapolation

Extrapolation Environment is where real life events and scenarios that are becoming to look like more of our future. Something like this is extremely common and happens a lot especially within things set in the near future. “ship-Braking” is real term given to the name from the people who salvage from the ship to sell the metal onto the market.A lot of people rely on these ship for an income to feed their family’s. That’s why big companies leave there broken ships and abandon them in various places around the world.

A good example is ‘Mad Max’ this game is set in the apocalyptic dystopian world. where the world is abandoned and left for starvation. Sea’s have dried up leaving ships that were once afloat buried in sand on the dry ocean floor. food starts to become a struggle and fuel for cars start to become impossible to make, making it the most valuable source on the planet and what happens when something is hard to get? they fight start wars with each other. a lot like our world now, we fight for Oil the Americans and English have started wars with other countries all for one focal fule. The game show cars have been developed into killing machines. making the human change rapidly, people making body modifications to represent what part of the faction they are.

I really find this topic interesting because it does make a lot of sense on how the world is heading today.


shopping car park Environment WIP

This is a Big project I will be working on For the time I am at Uni , The Project will be A small town inspired By GTA V . The Town will be of reference from one of the desert towns.