Different Types Of Texturing

Texturing, Texturing is a method that is used in Music, fine art, and interior design. after Texturing Referred to a method called diffuse mapping that simply wraps pixels form’s a texture onto a 3D model. Many techniques that are controlled by advanced hardware have made it possible to achieve to simulate near-photorealism in real time.A texture map is a map covered by the polygons that are made from the mesh you are applying the texture too.To achieve texturing you can take pictures of any surface you desire to put it into photoshop, make it seamless by offsetting your texture and making it a minimum of 1024×1024,  failing to do this you will end up with unwanted lines on your model because of your texture. an example of a bad seamless, and a good example of a good seamless texture.


Research about developers who use this method………………….

presentation material

Here I have given you a clear view of my PBR texture and an Understanding of using texturing, I have shown you Different perspectives of each material on what it would look like with or without the mapping, This picture shows you Normal and Base color,`With or without ambient occlusion  and what the final texture looks like when all Texture maps have been applied with a blueprint within the Unreal engine(UE4).

PBR step_Presentation001.png

I have learned a lot Doing this Mini project, Including making PBR textures in Photoshop Improving my presentation on my work for future modules.I keep on practicing materials and textures because it makes a good looking environment.I want to improve the narrative in my materials by adding stickers, broken bricks to show that it has age or history.