Text Seminar Reflection

Walter Mitty
By Joe Young
Semester 1
Here I will give you my opinion and reflect on the Marshall MeLUHAN Video games and the Secret life of Mitty Document.
Tourism can mean 2 different things in a video game or even more depending on how you look at the games industry and how people play video games, The first is communicating with other people around the world and having free digital space to experience different types of culture, (front page of the document second and third paragraph) The second is tourists using games to plan a Bank robbery or creating a crime what’s against the law.
“Video games also communicate similar attributes in most cases gaming bring power and or relations among humans”
Bringing humans closer over social media and interacting with one another helps the community and bring crime down to a low.
Walter mitty is known as a day dreamer meaning he daydreams about only things that are imaginary, like the world full of chocolate “mmm now wouldn’t that be pleasing to see” but it’s imaginary it’s not real and it won’t happen in real life, But if you were to create it into a video game you will be able to bring to life this imaginary life.
all games are really developed in imagination and even Walter mitty uses this method and creates games that ain’t real.
I think this document was fun to read, though,especially The Secret life of Mitty, I liked where he say he uses his imagination to create video games and that most video games are created with imagination.
I found some of the document about other people agreeing and disagreeing, and yes there is two different sides to every story.(everyone has an opinion it doesn’t make that person right.)