My Video Idea wip

My idea of a video will be a wide shot of the countryside and having the camera be placed in different spots, The camera will be taken in forests, farmers fields and tracks. The video is to show different types of wild life that we dont see today. I remember playing with the grass digging holes in the ground and catching bees in bottles when i was at least 5 years old. I remember exploring many things to do with nature and thats how i want my video to be like and feel.


Camera Angles

There are seven basic methods:
  • Pans. A movement which scans a scene horizontally. …
  • Tilts. A movement which scans a scene vertically, otherwise similar to a pan.
  • Dolly Shots. Sometimes called TRUCKING or TRACKING shots. …
  • Hand-held shots. …
  • Crane Shots. …
  • Zoom Lenses. …
  • The Aerial Shot.

There Are also different camera shots That are used in many films and games.

  • Close up shot
  • medium  range shot
  • Long Shot
  • Pan Shot
  • Zoom shot
  • over the shoulder shot

Close shots are used when someone who is talking or when the camera wants the audience to focus on something.

Medium shot is when the camera wants to focus  on the body and the head for expression.

Long Shots are used  for looking at buildings . or looking at fireworks at night.

Pan shot is when the camera pans to another person(movies left or right)