Bridge :Lasso Concept

Here I experimented with the lasso tool in photoshop, The tool allows me to draw random shapes that can cause pareidolia in your image. My experience with the lasso tool is that some cases when I use the tool I can’t seem to find or create what I am trying to look for within the canvas.

When I don’t feel like I can’t see any improvement in my image I decided to create another image with a lot more random lines drawn from my lasso tool.

Photoshop actually gives us three variations of a lasso to work with. One is a (Magnetic lasso tool ) This allows it to attach itself to your drawing lines on your image, the tool is also helpful to crop images and blend them with other images on another image. The lasso tool allows you to draw dotted lines like a paint brush on your canvas Once you have finished painting ng your invisible line each end will connect and highlight your area that you have painted.


Here is some lasso concept I Had done in photoshop, The way I did this method was taught by  out tutor  making random squiggle lines  highlight the areas, Go into hue

Situations and change the colour of it within the highlighted area, With the image highlighted and coloured  I would look for an image of a bridge in this picture this is known as pareidolia. I seemed to figure out a pattern what can form a  bridge and I went over the lines in with the Brush tool that I thought I could create.