Pride and Joy: Biplane


This brief we had to develop observation skills, based upon character design and apply narrative skills into our environment; but primarily to exercise some of the skills and techniques.Looking back at semester 1, at our drawing and developing skills I had to use that skill and apply it to this project based on perspective drawings or from the imagination, also to draw basic 3D models, props and object design including our Vehicle(Plane, Boat and a car etc.)Using Photoshop to colour our work and by using the photo bashing method to gives us more development into our work, It is important to show My 3D development throughout this brief.

History of My Chosen Vehicle

The Biplane was developed from the box Kite, invented by the Australian Lawrence Hargraves. Lawrence was born in Greenwich, England who was the second son of Jhon Fletcher Hargrave, Lawrence migrated to Australia with his family(wife and cousin Ann, nee Hargrave.)In 1872 as an engineer, he sailed on the Maria on a voyage to New Guinea but the ship got wrecked he began to push himself and not to be afraid to try again,1875 he again set our an expedition to the Gulf of Papua. He then had a passion for exploring different parts of the world.

By the 1930s the Biplane reached its limit (its full performance limit) and monoplanes were predominant, particularly in continental Europe where monoplanes had been common from the end of World War I.

Source given Biplane


I started with my sketches by drawing small thumbnails to show development and reflective practice on my work.The narrative was needed to give my environments a backstory, I knew I wanted to have my environment in a barn, I then was to design a narrative to look messy, a semi-abandoned place needs that need repairs.



I thought to help my progress I would Sketch What You would see in a barn.The barn was filled with multiple things that fitted the narrative of my barn. weather that’s Tools, Cameras, Clock, Abandoned Projects etc.

I did a quick concept in photoshop to show if I were to develop this project into texturing this is what visual I would have had in mind.

Enviroment concept.png

props and object 001props and object 002

Props list

  • Radiator
  • nail
  • lamp
  • wall light
  • work table
  • glass jar
  • boxes
  • Cup
  • plate
  • Camera
  • clock
  • brick
  • rubbish
  • bin
  • lense
  • sink
  • snake



To help me visualise my final image I have done a photo bash to give me a perspective on my idea and what it would look like in 3ds Max.It will also give you an Idea on where the props would go in the final render. I have placed rubble, boxes and tool boxes as a narrative for my image. Giving the story that the plane will need repairing, rubble piled in multiple places, someone is trying to clean the environment to provide to get enough room for a project?Inside Barn photo bashing

Gray Block

001 grayblocking.JPG

To Develop my progression skills I went into (Sketch-up)a program that was made by Google this program allows you to make basic 3D models.I created A grey blocking design to help me use as a guidance for my final Idea, Also to have a better visual layout that I am going to design.

Here I have created my very first Biplane in 3ds max since the Biplane dates back to the early 1910/1915, so I had to get my reference image of the Biplane from Google.

Biplane present



Here is my Final outcome for my Pride and Joy brief.whilst developing this Sence I had learned new things about Narrative, I learned that I can’t just place props anywhere but they have to serve a purpose(why was this prop here who placed it here and what was it for?Understanding Narrative has boosted my knowledge of 3D modelling and creating a story with my props. I really enjoyed developing my scene because it has helped me improve my knowledge with 3ds max , focusing tFFDmodifier and correcting the smoothing groups.The best part of this outcome is to learn from all my mistake’s I have made whilst doing this brief and improve them for the next task that heads my way.

render 1render 2