Boxing concepts


Boxer Research

For this mini brief, I will be set out to research Character design and visualisation about boxers.I have 4 weeks to develop two digital 3D Character designs that are a themed “Boxer”. The Two Characters  Will be fighting athlete of some kind but with no weapons, The boxer must be human or very near human. The boxer I had in mind of spending my time on and doing research is my favourite Boxer Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa retired as a 2-time word heavyweight champion and a pro record of 57 wins(51 KO) 23 losses and 1 draw.source here. Rocky Balboa was also known as a movie actor starting in the famous box office sequel Rocky that started in 1976, the sequel finished in 2015 with Creed.


My design for a boxer I would like to base my setting in the past (back when boxing was a really competitive sport also very dangerous. Dangerous? people used this sport for gambling, trading and fighting.when one of the opponents lose the fans that support him are more likely to start a fight with the fans who support the winning fighter.Here is a link to just one of the outbreaks that can happen at a boxing match  from competitive play here

I Have a better understanding of how boxing can be dangerous even tho you’re not in the ring, you can still be in danger from competitive fans that are willing to fight anyone because their boxer lost.

Character positions Design

For this task, I have done some concepts of some character positions, The Position will help me to understand the stance of a boxer while he’s in the ring.For my final concept, I will be able to develop my character in one of these boxing positions I have drawn, I drew these positions to spread my range of development with my 3Dcharacter Realisation has helped me draw these positions because it has allowed me to practice and reflect on what I was doing wrong with my work.I started to draw a Stick figure and developed it to take some form of character.



Boxing concept positions.png


I began to draw some Boxing positions for both of my characters of positions that are against the opponents, These Positions Are correctly positioned on what the boxer would look like if the boxer was actually fighting in the ring.I began to draw positions of stick men in a boxing stance I then Scanned the picture into Photoshop and duplicate each of the 3 drawings. I then started to create a colored concept of some of the character poses, I started to color my character  in a light orange tint to give my character a less of a boring look,I then used the light and Burn tool inside Photoshop to show the lighter parts of my design and the burn tool to give it that shadow,This would give the character that immersive 3D visual look.I also Used the smudge tool To give it a cartoon look on my background, I feel like my drawing is getting better as I practice drawing these stick men.hat

here Is one of the reference I have used for my drawings. You can find the boxing positions here.


Here I have some Pareidolia Drawing to help me design my final 2 Characters. When I started drawing Pareidolia from the previous modules it seemed to help me come up with new Ideas for my Character. This made me feel like I could achieve creating something new instead of copying off other artists work making the drawing not my own even tho I drew my own version of it Pareidolia helps me to create theses new ideas.

Pareidolia v1.pngPareidolia 2.png


Sculptris Experimentation.

Here  I developed my character even further in a new Software called Sculptris as I have never used the program before I found it to be difficult to use because I don’t model organic shapes. The character ended up transforming into a woman as I had developed her further, I looked back on my first Idea and I decided I wanted to give myself a wider range of different characters to show my development.

I have learnt a perspective of doing 3D from my other projects 3D realisation, I have created An organic model that I have never done before because of it been o hard or to complex for my knowledge, even though I am not the best of my character creation YET but with a lot more practice and research about the human body I will Soon to be on the right track of partly knowing how to model an organic person.

This character is only a basic concept of trying to achieve my end goal of my boxing character. My Main character will be a male devil.

Final design.

devil character Concept.png

Character Stats


Weight 180 pounds

Mood: Angry


Gender: MaleFemale Boxing character.png

Hight: 5ft 6 inches

weight 120 pounds






For my final design, I have come up with a boxer, The boxer is known by Diablo, Diablo has a long history before boxing, In 1962 Diablo was mistreated by his parents that lead him to depression, anger issues and an addiction to worship the devil, Due to haveing no childhood/friends he was forced to spend most of his child life locked away in his parents basement.It was then when he found a book about satanic rituals that could help bring back his youth, that he had lost, The more Diablo looked into the book the more attached he became especially the sacrifice chapter. The sacrifice chapter Included Sacrificing two Human souls for him to live a mortal life by transforming into the devil But still keeping his human form.Since Diablo Hated and wanted revenge on his cruel parents he began to plan a plot to kill his parents, as weeks of preparation and planning, he leads his parents to the basement where the sacrifice would take place.after the ritual was done he began to feel stronger and more alive becoming the devil. when he was outside he began to see the poster on pasted on the walls (Boxing championship,50,000 dollar rewards for first place.) he signed up to this boxing championship and won every single time.


Here is a visual of an Environment that is set inside A gym hall.

I first started to draw the horizon line in the Center of my page, this is so I can get the right perspective of my boxing ring, Once I had drawn the boxing ring I then scanned it into photoshop and started to do some minor adjustments.I began to set the Lighting darker so you could see the outlines of my ring a lot more clearly this was done by using the curve modifier in photoshop.The curve modifier allows you to lighten your image or darken your image depending on how smooth you want the line to curve within the modifier. I then Added more drawings that I had drawn Into the Image, A lot like photo bash but with my own drawings.I then began to fill out my background with crowds cheering and to top it off a wall behind them with a huge sign of the club’s logo. I filtered this in black and white due to the time set of my concept.

boxingfinal concept.png



During this brief, I Created 2characters  themed(The Boxer). I found that character design can be fun in some cases when Using a new software to help me design and model my character in 3D put Designing a character  isn’t what  I want to do In the Future, Even tho I found it fun But most of the time I found it not  boring and not been interested into it. I am glad I tried character design because it has helped me narrow down what I really want to do in my future character design won’t be one of them.