Back Of a shop Concept

For this brief, our class was each set a task to build a small environment prop in 3ds Max.  This exercise was to improve our 3d Skills and to help visually create a building in my case I were to build a behind of a shop wall with at least 2 vents.Because I didn’t really use to take notice of Tall buildings but this exercise gives me a chance to improve that skill and began to look at building differently.

Reference images

The reference images will give me a better perspective on how I could create my wall.

my pitch was to create a wall that was from behind of a takeaway. I wanted rubbish to be everywhere, big dumpsters that are filled with trash.I want my scene to have some Narrative. I want my place to be used.

Because I live near a takeaway I where to adventure out to take pictures of the back of the shop. The environment this take away had was perfect on what I visioned it to be.

Reference images



To help me develop my Ideas I drew some sketches from a photo I had taken. These pictures will give me a create perspective for when it comes to modeling.



Before I started my  wall I did some prop modelling experiment, Here you can see a basic un-textured barrel that will be placed within my scene.