Animatic Concept : For my Game

Here I will show you some concepts I will be using in my Animatic video. I drew these out into photoshop and added them into Adobe After Effects.

I thought I would draw my flys as just dot’s, rendered.The reason being is because flies ain’t close enough to the player for them rendered.Fly’s in GTA, for example,  are just dots because it saves processing power.


Final Animatic

With the storyboard complete and all the components drawn and put into Photoshop, I was able to start creating the final animatic. While been in Photoshop I was able to remove The backgrounds of each picture using the magic tool wand, I then was ready to be put it into After Effects. Using after effects to create my Animatic (moving pictures).this will allow me to create a simple animation with my 2D images.

I when I am done with my animatic I would render it in 1080p  and a file format of h264, then upload it to youtube.


Animatic concepts 

I am showing you some of my concepts that I will use for my Animatic. The train will be animated to go left and right on the bridge.  each time the train pass the bridge the train can change on how man cards it is holding.

The sky Cart will also pass above each buildings collecting people and dropping them off their destination.

I will keep this post updated as progress goes on.

11/12/2016: my individualUpdate I have cropped my images in Photoshop and are ready to put into After effect to me animated.(Photos below).

Screenshot after effects.PNGEvery individual drawing and  Animated them into a frame using After effects. I added time frames onto my timeline to create a movement or a rotation for my objects to move.

What is Animatic?

Animatic is  is an animated storyboard. Boards are brought into an editing program such as  After effects or flash and are cut together  with  the correct timing and pace of the film. They include basic sounds dialogue recordings and scratch soundtracks.Animators such as Pinxar or Disney are great at doing  Animatic to prepare there next big film.

Animatic also is great for  making drafts of animations or game development it allows  them to give them a vishion on what they are working on, and if the animation doesn’t make scene or doesn’t fit in they can just redraw it.

If you would like an example of an Animatic   you can click here.Wake-Up-7.jpg

Animatic:story boarding concept


This  page will give you visual images for concepts  what I have imagined this city too look like. I will also give each picture a small description what describes the image.

West mountains

( Inspired by thoes vast mountains that rose in the west). Here is the concept of the west mountains in my vishion from the Written story. The picture was drawn in my sketch book and  scanned into Photoshop.west mountin.png

Different Bird species 

These little creatures are  birds  that i have visioned in the story .( Quote:pigeons shared the air with Jackdaws  and hawks and sparrows ) of course there will be more on the way.

Bird types.png


This post will show you my storyboard progress About my vision of the city.


For my idea of my storyboard, I came up with a story that my city was in the sky. I picked up on different types of words that were in our written story . The story explained that you were in a factory/old and futuristic city that belonged in the sky due to the lack of gravity on the planet. The city was floating on clouds so the clouds were used for platforms for the building and civilization to live on.   In the picture, cars don’t use a turn of ramps they just drop to the road below to allow them to reach their destination.  You also can see parking Bays on the main road, The parking bays are located next to the roads so when people want to park their cars they can stop and moreover to the left.  this parking bay helps with space and not making the city two cramped. (the city is in a limited space)   you also had shops that had advanced security system, of course, it will be advance because it’s the future technology moves on.explanation.png

The picture above shows where my vision has come from for my city idea. I have added some texted in there to explain what I think I imagine in those words.

Below I have come up with 4 pages of 6 storyboards. These storyboards tell you how long the scene will be, what scene is in order.

  • The arrows point to where the camera is going.
  • img008img009