A Strong knowledge of Sculptris

A Strong knowledge of Sculptris/ tied in with 3d Realisation

Sculptris is a free 3D modelling application, that was made by Pixologic the same company that developed Zbrush.Sculptris doesn’t require installation, it makes it easy for developers to create organic models and to add narrative into the current models that they had modelled in a third party software.Within the program on the Left-hand side is your Toolkit or your digital hands to model the clay ball. The top of the application there are slide bars these control your strength, Size and alter the material that you see.

Holding the ALT key on your keyboard and the mouse allows your to rotate around your clay model to make it easier to model.useing the Toolkit is very easy  you can hold SHIFT and click on your model for it to mold inwards or let go of the SHIFT key and it allows you to pull the clay outwards Depending on what tool you are using. After a while of using sculptures became second nature to me. For my Peer, I modelled Ryan Green, Whilst Ryan was working I began to look and take reference on his striated skeletal muscles within his face, I saw that Ryan had a long face and it was less straight down from looking at his front, he also had a small Frontal and hair that curled backwards.His ears stopped on where his Premaxilla began( just below his nose).

Ryan Green

I found it quite hard but very pleasing to sculpt an organic shape, I thought it would have been a lot harder to create because I didn’t really understand how the face worked, But after my research about Anatomy and facial structure, I began to understand where each muscle was in Ryans face. after finishing this Digital 3D image It didn’t really look like Ryan but an elf from The Hobbit. I plan to Practice more with sculptris because I know there is a lot more to improve on.