Mannequin Concept

In this mini brief, I was to develop stages that lead up to creating my 3D modelling in 3dsmax, I have chosen to present my drawing in a new way to give others a better understanding on what I am planning.

On Wednesday 8th of February 2017, I was given a mini Brief to find a manikin that was within the Open University building  Once I finally found my Mannequin I took front back and sides photos of my Mannequin(this would help me when it comes to 3D modelling the manikin).  I feel like some Mannequins  are scary

The mechanic of a scary Mannequin can be a key element for horror games due to them not having heads or arms you know they can’t move in real life but your brain tells you otherwise making you want to look behind you. Is it still there?




Here I have developed a 3D model of my Mannequin my images show front and sides.I found the organic structure to be rather hard to model because I have never done this type of modelling before I found the chest area to be a lot difficult than I imagined. I tried to re Shape the chest to look more like an organic form instead of it looking like an alien’s body. I would like to improve this type of modelling in the future, corps character design does interest me to proceed further on to developing a final peace.  The model currently could be used as a rotten corpse in a horror/action game.


I partly didn’t enjoy modelling this organic model because I thought it was too hard for me to model at this time.I am so used to creating hard surfaces models like props, build buildings. But I have never modelled an organic shape.I do want to improve my modelling skills but it will take time and practice. I can do better with my organic model if I had more experience with 3dsmax. also, My presentation skills have improved greatly I now move all my scanned images and align them in photoshop.