Hard Surface Modelling wip

To improve my 3D modelling skills we were given a task of a hard surface modelling.when modelling` a hard surface so A floor, wall or any other hard surface. When creating a hard surface we went and grabbed a picture off the internet of hard surfaces which is a floor.

For this task, I decided to create a floor. I found a hard surface of a floor on Google That I liked because of the sci-fi look it had, The floor I choose reminded me of Alian isolation. That game uses similar hard surfaces on what I had chosen.I recreated the hard surface in 3ds Max. To remove the harsh and pointy corners I used the bevel tool and the smooth modifier to give it that smooth look. I only did part of the floor because it’s a recreating pattern.

Something like this is important and extremely helpful when it come to modelling, for example when I look back in my previous projects, The Wall I created has multiple layers such as wiring pipes indents in the metal floor. I have enjoyed modelling this brief  because it has tought me to understand what hard surfaceing is. I can now implant this method in my future and persoanl projects.