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Service Vehicle Concept

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Creating a Bridge

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Portrait: Experiment:




For this brief, I am to build some knowledge of Zbrush and sculptures.I am first to sketch portraits of a peer, Celebrity and myself.The celebrity that we can only choose from is

  1. Tilda Swinton,
  2. Wai Ching HO,
  3. Samuel L.Jackson
  4. Gabriel Byrne
  5. Marianne Jean-Baptiste
  6. Richard O`Brien, Judy Dench
  7. Benedict Wong
  8. Ian McNeice
  9. Steve Buscemi

Using different Methods such as Charcol, Pen and pencil, to shows different techniques and development throughout this brief.Studying Anatomy, the structure of the face, and the bones and musculature that underpin the structure of the face.

Learn the process of skill set development, that you should explore the work of Games artists you Admire and look into their development and structure design.

PART 2-Intro to 3D Realisation

Develop 2 digital 3D portraits based upon the portraits I have worked on, You may use Zbrush and sculptris to develop you 3d design.


Understanding Anatomy and facial structure.

To improve my drawing skills even further I came by to Understand Facial structure and anatomy, This will further my skills in character design and facial Expressions. Understanding the human skull such as the neurocranium that is the bone Structure surrounding the Brain and the viscerocranium that is formed by the bones supporting the face.When it come to drawing the face it is important to research different parts of the face like the Mandible that is also known as the lower Jaw, Maxilla that holds the upper teeth and it also assists in forming the roof of your mouth. Then there is the Frontal That is your forehead.

On top of your Viscerocranium, there will rest Muscle tissue or striated skeletal muscles this develops the shape of the human face and control your Facial expressions. In every face, there is a different shape to how the Mimetic make people look.


Image sources




Triple face portrait.

research how other people draw them self’s and imperilment it into all models

Celebrity Character Portraits

For my Celebrity I had drawn Samual L Jackson, Samual L Jackson is known to be a very famous actor starring in the Marvel films The Avengers and Captain America. I decided to draw my celebrity in charcoal pencil so I could get better shadows and tones within my portrait.

Samual L Jackson.png


Self Portraits

Here I have drawn myself using a different variety of methods, I created my drawings using a brush pen, Pencil, pen and a cotton smudge pencil to blend in the shadows. For my first attempt, I used a mirror to catch the facial structure of my face, I then began to sketch out in pen the shape of my head, I then had drawn lines across the page to indicate where my  Frontal, eyes, neurocranium and lips would be on my face.I then drew my eyes, nose mouth and ears. to get the correct measurements of my eyes I looked in the mirror on where my ear began and where it ended, With my ear, it ended near my neurocranium and begun at the top of my eyebrow. Since I used a brush pen, I transformed it into a digital art concept by Using the correct colour to paint my face and then modified the layer as Darken, Darken allows me to see the tone in my face. as my first attempt, I didn’t do too well because I didn’t explore different techniques with the brush pen and pen.Self portrait.png


Peer Portraits

For Part of my Peer, I decided to draw my Girlfriend Ais. While we were on Video call together I asked her”do you mind if I do a portrait of you ” and she happily said Yes. While she did a pose I quickly did an outline of her head, hair and neck. The first portrait I did was Rubbish, I didn’t use perspective and I was still trying to understand the Anatomy and facial structure until I did more research I started to see the floors of my drawing. I then began to start again and sketch Ais from her perspective.After I had done My drawing I scanned the picture into Photoshop and did the same method I did for the Children’s adaptation Weapons brief.The only thing I’d done differently is that I added a Blur gradient to my colours, The purpose of adding a Blur gradient is that it blends the colours to have that more natural look of her skin tone. The purpose of colouring my peer is to show natural skin tones, shadows and highlights.

Understanding: Inventory

The inventory system is where all Items such as Food, Building material and weapons are placed. The number of Items a character may carry is based on their weight or how much the character can hold.the more cases, the more items you have the more weight you will have in your inventory, The mechanic is used in most games such as Skyrim, Ark survival Evolve and Battlegrounds. To improve your inventory space, in the game you can find or Craft an upgrade to your inventory to make it larger.

Skyrim Inventory System research:


In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Inventory is based on weight, the more you have to carry the slower your character will become. The inventory as multiple Tabs inside “Weapons” that allows you to see all weapons you are carrying, Apparel Is different types of Clothes you have collected throughout the game, bought by Magic that allows you to pick your preferred magic and stats to keep track of your progress. The maximum Apparel you can wear is Seven, Apparel is abundant in Skyrim, items can be crafted from the craftable items you find throughout the world or

The maximum Apparel you can wear is Seven, Apparel is abundant in Skyrim, items can be crafted from the craftable items you find throughout the world or bought from the local shop dealer in the game. Collecting items also can be done by doing side quests or your main missions.

Personally, when I played Skyrim the Inventory was easy to navigate through different TABs within the inventory.

Rust Research:


Rust is a survival based game that allows the player to build and craft throughout the time he/she plays.

The way the game works is based on inventory space, each item you collect will take one spot in the inventory if the same item is picked up by the player the object will stack up until it reaches to 1000. Withing the inventory you are presented with a crafting menu that allows you to turn your collected material into something that is physical like a house. The inventory shows you icons at the right side of the character these Are your player stats. when you have some clothes or armour there will be a number next to that icon to indicate you on the percentage that you are protected.

BattleGrounds Research:

playerunknown-battlegrounds-best-tips-for-winning-2.jpgBattlegrounds have a similar mechanic to Rust, instead of collecting building material you’re in a battle zone and are to collect weapons to defend yourself from other players. for a better understanding of the game, you can visit this post here.

The inventory also is physical, is partly seeWhat this means is that the background is partly see-through. You can also right click on your item in your inventory to auto-assign it to your character.quick and easy.The inventory looks and feels clean when you come to use it in the game. The inventory also shows you the prop model in its own box within your inventory, this is so the player can inspect the object.The inventory system is the main mechanic in BattleGrounds for it to pick and choose your items to stay alive.

Pareidolia Desgin

To Help develop my exterior of my Inventory I developed into Pareidolia.Since I didn’t know what design I wanted my Bag to be, I started to draw pareidolia that will help me to find a unique design for my back bag.

Pareidolia desgin (bag).png

Bag Design.

Here is my final exterior design for my inventory, The bag design I went for has the best narrative than my other designs I had created. The narrative to this bag shows that has been well used due to the wrinkles on the bottom, This can indicate that someone has put something heavy in the bag causing it to wrinkle at the bottom. also the dark areas, maybe a drink as leaked inside the bag.

exterior bag Inventory.png

My Inventory

Now I have done my research I can now start to design my Inventory. I will first use the traditional technique of drawing some of my ideas onto paper. Here I have created some mild drafts on what I would want to implement into my final inventory design.I want my design to have a Physical background meaning that the background is see-through.This mechanic will help the player to be more focused/alert on what’s going on in the background.  I also want to make it as clean as possible, so no big writing or too much writing, just enough so that the player would feel comfortable with the inventory and not feel pressured to read a load of rubbish like Call of Duty does where you have the news, updates and other nonsense that doesn’t involve the game its self.

Now that I have sketched out my ideas of an inventory, I will be moving on to Photoshop. In photoshop I will use basic shapes to keep my inventory clean.I want my inventory to look a light grey and also that you can see through it

4 Ideas of inventory

Here is my design of an inventory in Digital, canvisIn photoshop I Opened a canvas 1920×1080. I began to use the gradient blur tool a lot in this Concept, using this blur tool give me the effect that the background was see through and to make it look like something was behind it (like a character).I then added rectangle boxes of the size of 4 cm wide and 2.5 cm width.The boxes will symbol the buttons in my inventory. I have also decided to add a news slider at the bottom of the Inventory to keep the player updated on the current game status.

Final Inventory concept

I wasn’t too keen on the first Idea that I had done, So I recreated my inventory in a much cleaner and professional way.This inventory design can be for children’s adaptation brief for games Design As I have used my Gun design as a reference to a weapon in my inventory.

Final Inventory concept 002.png


This brief I had to develop an Inventory that would be suitable for a game. I have learnt the understanding of making an inventory but at first, I was a bit sceptic of how I could design an Inventory HUD, I have never made a HUD before well not at a good level. I have always thought it would have been a bit too hard to design a HUD because it looked complicated but with a lot of research, it became better for me to understand how they work and how they are layedout.I have enjoyed creating this HUD because I can start to refine my Inventory for future project.

Understanding Narrative

Narrative, the narrative tells a story within an art image such as environments, People who tell a story with pictures to create a better immersive and a better understanding of what the character did or whatever is going on within that picture,you will often see this method in children’s books. The reason why narrative is used in video games such as The last of us,The Uncharted Franchise and other many popular AAA games, Narrative helps to give their environments a Story something good to explore and learn.for example a blown up building, There is a bed,food waste, and a burning candle.The bed shows that someone is sleeping there, Rubbish That someone has eaten here not long ago, Candle still burning showing this place is still in use for shelter and he or she will be back soon.
For my pride and Joy, I used Narrative in a way for the place to look semi-abandoned, Broken wood that indicates that the environment has been damaged but yet not abandoned, Pizza on plates someone has eaten here recently(the person could be lazy) a grandfather clock that is under repair a Biplane under repair (could be an ongoing project or an abandoned one). The place is messy like it’s still in use maybe used for storage?The door is still open with the light shining through showing that someone is still at home.

The narrative has changed the way I think about designing any environments and modeling.such as environments exterior and interior.I have enjoyed doing my research about Narrative because it has improved my modeling and design greatly.

Pride and Joy: Biplane


This brief we had to develop observation skills, based upon character design and apply narrative skills into our environment; but primarily to exercise some of the skills and techniques.Looking back at semester 1, at our drawing and developing skills I had to use that skill and apply it to this project based on perspective drawings or from the imagination, also to draw basic 3D models, props and object design including our Vehicle(Plane, Boat and a car etc.)Using Photoshop to colour our work and by using the photo bashing method to gives us more development into our work, It is important to show My 3D development throughout this brief.

History of My Chosen Vehicle

The Biplane was developed from the box Kite, invented by the Australian Lawrence Hargraves. Lawrence was born in Greenwich, England who was the second son of Jhon Fletcher Hargrave, Lawrence migrated to Australia with his family(wife and cousin Ann, nee Hargrave.)In 1872 as an engineer, he sailed on the Maria on a voyage to New Guinea but the ship got wrecked he began to push himself and not to be afraid to try again,1875 he again set our an expedition to the Gulf of Papua. He then had a passion for exploring different parts of the world.

By the 1930s the Biplane reached its limit (its full performance limit) and monoplanes were predominant, particularly in continental Europe where monoplanes had been common from the end of World War I.

Source given Biplane


I started with my sketches by drawing small thumbnails to show development and reflective practice on my work.The narrative was needed to give my environments a backstory, I knew I wanted to have my environment in a barn, I then was to design a narrative to look messy, a semi-abandoned place needs that need repairs.



I thought to help my progress I would Sketch What You would see in a barn.The barn was filled with multiple things that fitted the narrative of my barn. weather that’s Tools, Cameras, Clock, Abandoned Projects etc.

I did a quick concept in photoshop to show if I were to develop this project into texturing this is what visual I would have had in mind.

Enviroment concept.png

props and object 001props and object 002

Props list

  • Radiator
  • nail
  • lamp
  • wall light
  • work table
  • glass jar
  • boxes
  • Cup
  • plate
  • Camera
  • clock
  • brick
  • rubbish
  • bin
  • lense
  • sink
  • snake



To help me visualise my final image I have done a photo bash to give me a perspective on my idea and what it would look like in 3ds Max.It will also give you an Idea on where the props would go in the final render. I have placed rubble, boxes and tool boxes as a narrative for my image. Giving the story that the plane will need repairing, rubble piled in multiple places, someone is trying to clean the environment to provide to get enough room for a project?Inside Barn photo bashing

Gray Block

001 grayblocking.JPG

To Develop my progression skills I went into (Sketch-up)a program that was made by Google this program allows you to make basic 3D models.I created A grey blocking design to help me use as a guidance for my final Idea, Also to have a better visual layout that I am going to design.

Here I have created my very first Biplane in 3ds max since the Biplane dates back to the early 1910/1915, so I had to get my reference image of the Biplane from Google.

Biplane present



Here is my Final outcome for my Pride and Joy brief.whilst developing this Sence I had learned new things about Narrative, I learned that I can’t just place props anywhere but they have to serve a purpose(why was this prop here who placed it here and what was it for?Understanding Narrative has boosted my knowledge of 3D modelling and creating a story with my props. I really enjoyed developing my scene because it has helped me improve my knowledge with 3ds max , focusing tFFDmodifier and correcting the smoothing groups.The best part of this outcome is to learn from all my mistake’s I have made whilst doing this brief and improve them for the next task that heads my way.

render 1render 2

Boxing concepts


Boxer Research

For this mini brief, I will be set out to research Character design and visualisation about boxers.I have 4 weeks to develop two digital 3D Character designs that are a themed “Boxer”. The Two Characters  Will be fighting athlete of some kind but with no weapons, The boxer must be human or very near human. The boxer I had in mind of spending my time on and doing research is my favourite Boxer Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa retired as a 2-time word heavyweight champion and a pro record of 57 wins(51 KO) 23 losses and 1 draw.source here. Rocky Balboa was also known as a movie actor starting in the famous box office sequel Rocky that started in 1976, the sequel finished in 2015 with Creed.


My design for a boxer I would like to base my setting in the past (back when boxing was a really competitive sport also very dangerous. Dangerous? people used this sport for gambling, trading and fighting.when one of the opponents lose the fans that support him are more likely to start a fight with the fans who support the winning fighter.Here is a link to just one of the outbreaks that can happen at a boxing match  from competitive play here

I Have a better understanding of how boxing can be dangerous even tho you’re not in the ring, you can still be in danger from competitive fans that are willing to fight anyone because their boxer lost.

Character positions Design

For this task, I have done some concepts of some character positions, The Position will help me to understand the stance of a boxer while he’s in the ring.For my final concept, I will be able to develop my character in one of these boxing positions I have drawn, I drew these positions to spread my range of development with my 3Dcharacter Realisation has helped me draw these positions because it has allowed me to practice and reflect on what I was doing wrong with my work.I started to draw a Stick figure and developed it to take some form of character.



Boxing concept positions.png


I began to draw some Boxing positions for both of my characters of positions that are against the opponents, These Positions Are correctly positioned on what the boxer would look like if the boxer was actually fighting in the ring.I began to draw positions of stick men in a boxing stance I then Scanned the picture into Photoshop and duplicate each of the 3 drawings. I then started to create a colored concept of some of the character poses, I started to color my character  in a light orange tint to give my character a less of a boring look,I then used the light and Burn tool inside Photoshop to show the lighter parts of my design and the burn tool to give it that shadow,This would give the character that immersive 3D visual look.I also Used the smudge tool To give it a cartoon look on my background, I feel like my drawing is getting better as I practice drawing these stick men.hat

here Is one of the reference I have used for my drawings. You can find the boxing positions here.


Here I have some Pareidolia Drawing to help me design my final 2 Characters. When I started drawing Pareidolia from the previous modules it seemed to help me come up with new Ideas for my Character. This made me feel like I could achieve creating something new instead of copying off other artists work making the drawing not my own even tho I drew my own version of it Pareidolia helps me to create theses new ideas.

Pareidolia v1.pngPareidolia 2.png


Sculptris Experimentation.

Here  I developed my character even further in a new Software called Sculptris as I have never used the program before I found it to be difficult to use because I don’t model organic shapes. The character ended up transforming into a woman as I had developed her further, I looked back on my first Idea and I decided I wanted to give myself a wider range of different characters to show my development.

I have learnt a perspective of doing 3D from my other projects 3D realisation, I have created An organic model that I have never done before because of it been o hard or to complex for my knowledge, even though I am not the best of my character creation YET but with a lot more practice and research about the human body I will Soon to be on the right track of partly knowing how to model an organic person.

This character is only a basic concept of trying to achieve my end goal of my boxing character. My Main character will be a male devil.

Final design.

devil character Concept.png

Character Stats


Weight 180 pounds

Mood: Angry


Gender: MaleFemale Boxing character.png

Hight: 5ft 6 inches

weight 120 pounds






For my final design, I have come up with a boxer, The boxer is known by Diablo, Diablo has a long history before boxing, In 1962 Diablo was mistreated by his parents that lead him to depression, anger issues and an addiction to worship the devil, Due to haveing no childhood/friends he was forced to spend most of his child life locked away in his parents basement.It was then when he found a book about satanic rituals that could help bring back his youth, that he had lost, The more Diablo looked into the book the more attached he became especially the sacrifice chapter. The sacrifice chapter Included Sacrificing two Human souls for him to live a mortal life by transforming into the devil But still keeping his human form.Since Diablo Hated and wanted revenge on his cruel parents he began to plan a plot to kill his parents, as weeks of preparation and planning, he leads his parents to the basement where the sacrifice would take place.after the ritual was done he began to feel stronger and more alive becoming the devil. when he was outside he began to see the poster on pasted on the walls (Boxing championship,50,000 dollar rewards for first place.) he signed up to this boxing championship and won every single time.


Here is a visual of an Environment that is set inside A gym hall.

I first started to draw the horizon line in the Center of my page, this is so I can get the right perspective of my boxing ring, Once I had drawn the boxing ring I then scanned it into photoshop and started to do some minor adjustments.I began to set the Lighting darker so you could see the outlines of my ring a lot more clearly this was done by using the curve modifier in photoshop.The curve modifier allows you to lighten your image or darken your image depending on how smooth you want the line to curve within the modifier. I then Added more drawings that I had drawn Into the Image, A lot like photo bash but with my own drawings.I then began to fill out my background with crowds cheering and to top it off a wall behind them with a huge sign of the club’s logo. I filtered this in black and white due to the time set of my concept.

boxingfinal concept.png



During this brief, I Created 2characters  themed(The Boxer). I found that character design can be fun in some cases when Using a new software to help me design and model my character in 3D put Designing a character  isn’t what  I want to do In the Future, Even tho I found it fun But most of the time I found it not  boring and not been interested into it. I am glad I tried character design because it has helped me narrow down what I really want to do in my future character design won’t be one of them.



A pattern language

Here I will be reading a Book A pattern language by Christopher alexander this shows us how everything around us has been designed and built to create towns.The book consists of 253 different specific patterns that are found here. The Main focus of this book appears to be environment design because of the split sections within the patterns which are Buildings, towns and Constructions.

Looking at this list make me feel like I have learned a lot about Christopher alexander patterns and how they are set out. The first semester of games design I developed a town Map for my game project Christopher alexander patterns would have benefited me while developing those maps for my game. One of the patterns within this section “Between the housesClusters and work communities, allow the local road and paths network to grow informally piecemeal. This has made me think about the immersion of my map drawing as well as been narrative. The building within the map where designed way to large compared to its surroundings and my not been believable due to the fact the map was meant to be small and compact. however, my map drawing implements a post-apocalyptic style due to it been looking like a piece of paper with spilt coffee on it.