How might the wedding dress be understandable in terms of supporting both partriarchy and capitalism?

Joe Young

Hull School of Art and Design

BA (Hons Games Design

The Open University


When a Woman Starts to think of her wedding day the first thing that comes up into her mind is her dress,”What shall I wear?” When looking at this image provided my first thoughts were about the colors and tones of the wedding dress it made it look clean, stand out to everyone else, the Background is a dull/dark brown and the flowers are deep with dark rich crimson, this brings the brightness of the white wedding dress there is such great contrast to the image.Wedding dresses are often White as white is a color of something new(a new beginning)it also symbols a sign of love and peace.Most Cultures and religions follow the western tradition because of the culture behind it.Many cultures  have different meanings for a wedding a dress so white doesn’t necessary  mean the same as in our tradition culture,

The woman in the image can bee is seen not to be a large woman, in fact, she is a slim nice toned body with fairly dark makeup, curled hair and plenty of jewelry that she wears on her neck and in her hair. The style of the dress.the colors the slim waist and the bust with plain white whereas and the bottom of the dress is beautifully well styled mildly expensive purchase to show the figure of the woman in her beautiful wedding dress, with such a beautiful wedding dress she wants everyone’s attention to look at her her slim fit expensive wedding dress.

Depending on the finance of the couple whom to get married, depending on the type of person who can afford such expensive wedding dresses, the woman that usually want to show off how much money the woman also like to show off her hips and also the detail of her dress. this dress seems to have a lot of different material the more material the dress has the more expensive it will be. I also think the way she is standing is quite positive and confident as she looks strong smart and mischievous with a slight smirk on her face.

the long large veil she is wearing looks beautiful but very plain and simple yet beautiful: according to veils have a lot of history to them since it’s been in our culture for a very long time. the veil was meant to protect the according to ancient greek times the veil would protect the bride from evil spirits and bring good luck.To some, the veil is used for fashion which in my opinion is a shame because instead of wearing something for the sake of fashion they don’t know the true meaning behind the veil.



Text Seminar Reflection

Walter Mitty
By Joe Young
Semester 1
Here I will give you my opinion and reflect on the Marshall MeLUHAN Video games and the Secret life of Mitty Document.
Tourism can mean 2 different things in a video game or even more depending on how you look at the games industry and how people play video games, The first is communicating with other people around the world and having free digital space to experience different types of culture, (front page of the document second and third paragraph) The second is tourists using games to plan a Bank robbery or creating a crime what’s against the law.
“Video games also communicate similar attributes in most cases gaming bring power and or relations among humans”
Bringing humans closer over social media and interacting with one another helps the community and bring crime down to a low.
Walter mitty is known as a day dreamer meaning he daydreams about only things that are imaginary, like the world full of chocolate “mmm now wouldn’t that be pleasing to see” but it’s imaginary it’s not real and it won’t happen in real life, But if you were to create it into a video game you will be able to bring to life this imaginary life.
all games are really developed in imagination and even Walter mitty uses this method and creates games that ain’t real.
I think this document was fun to read, though,especially The Secret life of Mitty, I liked where he say he uses his imagination to create video games and that most video games are created with imagination.
I found some of the document about other people agreeing and disagreeing, and yes there is two different sides to every story.(everyone has an opinion it doesn’t make that person right.)

Semiotics connotation and denotation


Rough  planing and understanding .




Denotation And Connotation
Games design (Ba Hons)
By joe young
Here I will explain the differences between two images and what’s there purpose is as a game designers point of view. For example (a bright colored pictures of a penguin, Connotation will be The penguin is cute or small and harmless)

Denotation: Connotation:
⦁ Fire                                 Hot, Red, and evil
⦁ Expression                   Bad? Grumpy?
⦁ pose                                Has been killing people wanting to show off.
⦁ Skeleton                        He is Dead and not alive.
⦁ Helmet                           He is to be a worrier but has to win the war first.


Denotation:                             Connotation:

⦁ Black and white                   lonely, Sad memory
⦁ Expression                             Angry, A leader?
⦁ pose                                          He is ready to fight?
⦁ armor suit                               Strong and hard to be killed.
⦁ Title                                           Space sci fi
⦁ broken armor                         He dies in battle in a life or has survived a war? also not human maybe a god?


Overwatch notes

Colors, fact she is holding weapons, contradicted by animation, or child style. Her focus is off screen.

What overWatch suggests  for instance a guardian  The font kind of gives the theme of the game  been futuristic, That’s backed up by what she is wearing.


Sly cooper notes

Colors, style of title it makes it look old and fast where it bends to a side.  The characters facing away from the camera , The style will appeals  to a younger audience  from its comic look.

The silhouette implies  a mysterious  element and criminal aspect as the character is running across a roof top.


Over watch

The first Graphical image cover that I will be looking at is Over watch. On the cover you can see brightly colors that indicate   as a style of a child’s animation. Animation is usually made for children and   developed by Pixar, Disney and any other animation company.

The character seems like she is constantly in action  because of the way she is positioned and the way she is holding her guns, Her facial expressions does seem like she is focused on something and aiming for a goal  to achieve.

We automatically know that this game is going to be futuristic just by looking at the font. The font is clean and evenly spaced out  to match the look of the game it is presenting All this is backed up by what armor she is using and the jetpack that is what is helping her to hover over obstacles.

Sly cooper

The second Graphical image cover  will be based on Fly Cooper  an old video game what was brought out on the Play station 2.  The colors that the cover presents are made to look like an old style comic in my opinion, In this case dark colors with highlighted graphical images with in the cove. The title of the cover “Sly 2 Band of thieves “appeals to younger audience’s due to the fact that its big and in Blue And white colors.  The title also feels like its going to be a fast pace game due to it bending to the side. And the sly character running at the bottom.   The silhouette implies a mysterious element and criminal aspect to the theme. The game is about stealing objects from houses as you can see there is a house in the back ground, hens why he is running on the top of the building with his cane.  The style of the character also looks like it’s a low poly type not really on the graphic side but more of the story. The way I look at the cover and how I think about it.

The cover takes me back to old memory’s on how games should where (Like animation style) But I was a kid when these games came out I found anything with carttons and bright colors interesting.






CATS What is new media.


This essay  I will be talking about VR  and what its purpose in new media. I will be talking about how How it has affected other developers on how it has changed on how they develop their games, also I will be talking about how VR have affected the players during the development of the software or gear.

Virtual Reality is what the first mobile phones were in the 1980’s commented by  Richard Vincent, Founder of Fundamental VR, The VR was a clunky unexplored peace of product Some would argue unnecessarily about the product here.

This article tells you when the first mobile phone came out and one of its ever cellphone calls that were presented by Motorola engineer named Marty Cooper.The article also tells you the weight and the cost of the phone. The technology was always getting advanced for its time and it wasn’t long until they started to bring smaller and more portable phones to the public. commercial wireless call on a Motorola DynaTAC phone, in October 1983. you would have seen this in films backdated to the 80s.  30 years it took for phones to become mainstream and to develop into smartphones.

The same technology used in Nintendo’s, the popular Wii games console that let you play games by swinging your remote in the movement of your character on the screen  like Bowling, tennis, and shooting games. The motion effect that the Wii will use will soon be developed into mobile phones. once Motion was implanted into cell devices a lot was changed in the future and phones history of games.

You can tilt your phone left or right whilst read a book on the internet for it to skip a page, shaking your phone to cancel an alarm in the morning. It wasn’t long when you could watch full videos on youtube with a 360-degree view, so when you have a mobile VR you can install your phone and watch away in a VR way.

VR is seen as a technology for serious gamer or for professional users such as hospital and game devs, and with Sony, about to launch their VR for the Sony  PlayStation 4  they have already sold 30 million product just in shops because of hey are a fan of the popular demand for VR. But VR isn’t just for gaming  Healthcare, Engineering, and Social Experience are sure to be leading and early adopters for them to use VR in hospitals on patients.

Just imagine the less cost of an operation or just a very small scar instead of one big one. its possible with this technology you can look into a person’s heart without damaging any other organ in the body, Different groups and company’s teamed up to make this VR    happen in the healthcare department.

VR Advancing to MMobile phones

The event saw us attempt a mass download live VR experience which was viewed on cardboard devices that transformed our smartphones into a makeshift VR headset.It wasn’t long until the Big company’s started to make their own VR headset brand.such as Samsung, Samsung made their own advanced VR headset that could only work on their phones. , for this product it made people buy the Samsung smartphone for them to use their Samsung headset.

VR “the most social platform,” Facebook recently invested $2 Billion on Oculus. As content creators,

How do we make VR relevant and not another fad?

Making VR  relevant  is like making an RPG game come to life, (something new)

With VR  this is something NEW you can explore in game environments in 3D, Creators are pushing their limits  of VR   to make it more realistic  and more interactive for the player to use, at the moment when you are using VR  you are only limited to  standing in one spot  and moving around freely in that one spot.But this can all be avoided if you use an Xbox controller which some VR headset can provide.

using the controller option is the most popular for gamers to use.Why? gamers  Intend to like sitting in the chair in front of their computer screen and play games, having a VR headset on whilst sitting on their chair so they can feel comfortable and relax while playing the favorite VR Game.

Will VR will become a completely new medium for marketers?

VR has come a long way in the market category selling 12.1 million devices in 2016 and the most popular are the Samsung gear VR headset selling 5 million devices. But for VR the future can only tell what will happen.It is up to us as costumers to support the agency’s and developers to carry on making their product.

How Can I get VR to Work:

You will definitely need a decent rig. I first tried a custom system with an Intel Core i7-6700K processor and a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card with 8GB of GDDR5. All the games we tried out worked perfect, and while it did crash a few times running test environments this was most likely down to software rather than hardware and will not be an issue for most users.So if people wanted to get into VR you need to at least spend over 100 pounds on a decent rig.

Things will change with VR at the moment where it is heading it is going to be very successful in its marketplace. VR have already come to consoles even tho they won’t be as advanced as pcs version but it will still do the same thing.

People say the PlayStation 4VR is better than all of the others despite the specifications of the device.  Boogie2988 who is a youtube and has done a review on the Console VR system, and says “The PlayStation is a lot of fun because it allows me and my friends to play the game in my living room.” he also says that the VR has the same screen as the Samsung s3 portable phone.

There are many good things about VR  but every product has its negatives.and even tho the VR started in stages with the DK1 And DK2  this two Vr product caused a lot of problems with customers eyes, After using the product for more than 2 hours the user started to get head takes and feeling sick. The text was simply just in readable and not a good experience for others and me.

Here is a link to another blog article that tells you about the way that VR has changed.

when it comes to my future development  making a game I would like to implant VR. This would give the player extra experience when playing my game in the future.

Vr has already been implanted into a game engine like Unity and Unreal 4. This allows developers to create games in VR and to experiment with the software and technology. Games have become more realistic then they have ever been before, for example, you play a game with your controller and looking at your screen. But if you were to play the horror game in VR  you will feel more scared and more involved in the game. I know from experience playing a horror game in VR is very scary