Charlie and the Chocolate factory: HUD/UI understanding

For this brief, I will be researching about different HUDS in Games that I will be using as a reference to implement into my game idea. Charlie and the chocolate Factory is a Fantasy(not realistic)Game. film and book so expanding my Hud Ideas to me non-realistic will be a plus for me, The game HUD isn’t meant to look realistic but understandable for the player When designing the HUD the HUD needs to be understandable and clear to understand. Having a Hud with bright flashing lights will be unhealthy to some people due to photo epilepsy.

Below I have taken a GIF Out of Borderlands with the HUD turned off, this allows the player to see more clearly without horrible text or icons appearing on the screen.because the person made this black and white Borderlands looks like a totally different game.My opinion it looks like a horror instead of a cartoon fantasy.


Jayse Hansen

Jayse Hansen works freelance who works remotely from las Vagas, He also built a solid reputation as a creative director for print, web and motion design. Jayse has worked with many films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay I and II, and Disney’s Big Hero 6. Jayse is a fanatic for creating futuristic props, UI, and work. The software he mainly uses to help him produce his work area illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, After Effects etc.

The films UI he helped to create are See the Avengers finale through Tony Stark’s eyes, Artist Jayse Hansen on the bleeding edge of 14 computer interfaces that gave Avengers its high-tech texture and much more. Jayse Hansen blog

GTAV’s HUD as the best looking HUD in my own opinion, It’s clear, not cluttered and very well designed. The HUD is small, compact and simple to look at. Having a compact HUD is no good to have in a game, The first thing you don’t need is a bunch of text flying on your screen telling you what to do. like hints that pop up every now and then a great example for this are puzzle games such as tomb raider.

giphy (1).gif

UI experiment

Here I have experimented creating UI in photoshop, for my children’s adaptation I wanted to create a basic and simple UI so it can be easy for the player to understand.

I still want my game to look children friendly because of the theme I had chosen for this brief. I stuck to my idea of not having the UI too cluttered and it been simple. I had used my gun design I Created, thinking its a great fitting to my game due to it been unique and alien like.

Ui experiment.png

Sketches of inventory

Since I was creating the inventory as well as the UI I managed to create different inventory layout. I have more information about my inventory here.

Inventory experiment.png



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