Understanding: Inventory

The inventory system is where all Items such as Food, Building material and weapons are placed. The number of Items a character may carry is based on their weight or how much the character can hold.the more cases, the more items you have the more weight you will have in your inventory, The mechanic is used in most games such as Skyrim, Ark survival Evolve and Battlegrounds. To improve your inventory space, in the game you can find or Craft an upgrade to your inventory to make it larger.

Skyrim Inventory System research:


In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Inventory is based on weight, the more you have to carry the slower your character will become. The inventory as multiple Tabs inside “Weapons” that allows you to see all weapons you are carrying, Apparel Is different types of Clothes you have collected throughout the game, bought by Magic that allows you to pick your preferred magic and stats to keep track of your progress. The maximum Apparel you can wear is Seven, Apparel is abundant in Skyrim, items can be crafted from the craftable items you find throughout the world or

The maximum Apparel you can wear is Seven, Apparel is abundant in Skyrim, items can be crafted from the craftable items you find throughout the world or bought from the local shop dealer in the game. Collecting items also can be done by doing side quests or your main missions.

Personally, when I played Skyrim the Inventory was easy to navigate through different TABs within the inventory.

Rust Research:


Rust is a survival based game that allows the player to build and craft throughout the time he/she plays.

The way the game works is based on inventory space, each item you collect will take one spot in the inventory if the same item is picked up by the player the object will stack up until it reaches to 1000. Withing the inventory you are presented with a crafting menu that allows you to turn your collected material into something that is physical like a house. The inventory shows you icons at the right side of the character these Are your player stats. when you have some clothes or armour there will be a number next to that icon to indicate you on the percentage that you are protected.

BattleGrounds Research:

playerunknown-battlegrounds-best-tips-for-winning-2.jpgBattlegrounds have a similar mechanic to Rust, instead of collecting building material you’re in a battle zone and are to collect weapons to defend yourself from other players. for a better understanding of the game, you can visit this post here.

The inventory also is physical, is partly seeWhat this means is that the background is partly see-through. You can also right click on your item in your inventory to auto-assign it to your character.quick and easy.The inventory looks and feels clean when you come to use it in the game. The inventory also shows you the prop model in its own box within your inventory, this is so the player can inspect the object.The inventory system is the main mechanic in BattleGrounds for it to pick and choose your items to stay alive.

Pareidolia Desgin

To Help develop my exterior of my Inventory I developed into Pareidolia.Since I didn’t know what design I wanted my Bag to be, I started to draw pareidolia that will help me to find a unique design for my back bag.

Pareidolia desgin (bag).png

Bag Design.

Here is my final exterior design for my inventory, The bag design I went for has the best narrative than my other designs I had created. The narrative to this bag shows that has been well used due to the wrinkles on the bottom, This can indicate that someone has put something heavy in the bag causing it to wrinkle at the bottom. also the dark areas, maybe a drink as leaked inside the bag.

exterior bag Inventory.png

My Inventory

Now I have done my research I can now start to design my Inventory. I will first use the traditional technique of drawing some of my ideas onto paper. Here I have created some mild drafts on what I would want to implement into my final inventory design.I want my design to have a Physical background meaning that the background is see-through.This mechanic will help the player to be more focused/alert on what’s going on in the background.  I also want to make it as clean as possible, so no big writing or too much writing, just enough so that the player would feel comfortable with the inventory and not feel pressured to read a load of rubbish like Call of Duty does where you have the news, updates and other nonsense that doesn’t involve the game its self.

Now that I have sketched out my ideas of an inventory, I will be moving on to Photoshop. In photoshop I will use basic shapes to keep my inventory clean.I want my inventory to look a light grey and also that you can see through it

4 Ideas of inventory

Here is my design of an inventory in Digital, canvisIn photoshop I Opened a canvas 1920×1080. I began to use the gradient blur tool a lot in this Concept, using this blur tool give me the effect that the background was see through and to make it look like something was behind it (like a character).I then added rectangle boxes of the size of 4 cm wide and 2.5 cm width.The boxes will symbol the buttons in my inventory. I have also decided to add a news slider at the bottom of the Inventory to keep the player updated on the current game status.

Final Inventory concept

I wasn’t too keen on the first Idea that I had done, So I recreated my inventory in a much cleaner and professional way.This inventory design can be for children’s adaptation brief for games Design As I have used my Gun design as a reference to a weapon in my inventory.

Final Inventory concept 002.png


This brief I had to develop an Inventory that would be suitable for a game. I have learnt the understanding of making an inventory but at first, I was a bit sceptic of how I could design an Inventory HUD, I have never made a HUD before well not at a good level. I have always thought it would have been a bit too hard to design a HUD because it looked complicated but with a lot of research, it became better for me to understand how they work and how they are layedout.I have enjoyed creating this HUD because I can start to refine my Inventory for future project.


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