Children’s Book Adaptation: Weapon

Gun design

For this task, I had moved away from environments to start to designing some guns for my our game. The guns were to be visualised by mid-range audiences.I started to do some initial sketching of realistic guns using the B-grade pencil and the Line marker 0.1, I started to look on google images at many designs of different types of guns.I started to sketch a weapon that was a similar design of an MP5 and an M4, skelingtonOnce skeleton of the gun ruled out and drawn I started to modify the gun to fit the main purpose of out game, That it was made of candy and it shot out Bubble gum balls.

I started to draw around glass sphere that sat on top of the gun, The Sphere that was on the gun held the Gumball ammo that the gun would use to shoot at their targets.

For the back of the gun, I put a fizzy string Ribbon on the end To give it that bright candy look.The gun was mainly made out of Lime candy with a chocolate centre making the gun more fragile.

Gun Desgin 001Gun Desgin 002



I wanted to spend a lot more time designing my Weapon for our game,(Charlie and the chocolate factory). When I did my presentation to present my game conceptI had shown my idea about my Guns design, The feedback I got wasn’t very much positive, From the feedback I went to develop more Gun designs that would fit our game,(Not realistic)The reason why my Guns were so out of place are because they were too realistic and not suitable for our audience base for our game.

I had done some initial sketching using the pareidolia technique to come up with a unique shape for my Gun, The technique stops developing something that already exists and creates something new. At the moment the guns look something like an alien would use, I plan to develop more of my weapons to be audience friendly for my game.

pareidolia Gun design.png

Final Gun Concept

For My final Gun design, I have taken a design from My pareidolia.The design I wanted to take further into development is the middle left.Before I took my final design into Photoshop I wanted to refine my gun even further, I had redrawn the design smoothing out the edges and making it look like a gun. The reason I had chosen this design is because I found it more intriguing than my other designs.My personal opinion of this gun is that it should belong in a Call of Duty Zombie game, The weapon could have been used as a toxic liquid gun that shoots out toxic liquid making the Zombies Walk slower or melt.But instead, it is actually used to blow out bubbles to catch ump alum pa’s in my charlie and the chocolate factory game.

After I had finished my refined drawing of my gun, I scanned the image to insert into Photoshop. In photoshop I highlighted my Gun with the rectangular marquee Tool then Went to the Image tab To add a curve adjustment that made my image darker.Now I can see my pencil lines properly I used the paint brush to start colouring the top half of my Gun (purple, and a mucky Blue) I set each layer’s opacity between 40/60%.

Final Gun desginFinal Gun desgin concept color


Pareidolia has improved my wide range of creativity whilst drawing.Without Pareidolia, I wouldn’t have come up with my Gun designs. I don’t use Pareidolia just for this module but for the other 2 modules (Creative futures,3D realisation).I Enjoyed the design proses to make this gun, it will improve my skills to extend my ideas and to be a better creative person.


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