Mini Brief:PhotoBash

Here I will show you and explain my Photobashing design that I did in photoshop.

What is Photobashing?

Photobashing is a type of digital illustration in which photos/pieces of photos are manipulated together.This technic is Used by some artist but This particular artist caught my attention. Maciej Kuciara is a concept designer and illustrator for films and video games industry in Los Angeles, California.Maciej went ahead and worked for Big title films including X-men: Days of Futures Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending and video game The Last of Us. here you can find the artists Blog

Maciej Work is very detailed and some look very realistic with the colour tones he uses in photoshop. Before I started Interactive media At my college I thought photoshop was only used to edit photos but it wasn’t till when I saw the digital art on google images and start to research about that image, how was it made etc.

Here I have tried to do some Photobashing for myself And it turned out to look okay, I see that the colour coordinations are not right some parts are grey and some parts are green.The Photos that were used in this picture are 3 separate images, a mountain


, Landscape and big boulders. In the images, I have stuck these images in variety places around the landscape this would give it a better scenery to look at. I have put the images down below to show what the original image looked



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