Mini brief: preFinal bridge concept wip

Here are my final concepts of my bridges on how I completed this final peace is I drew some rough sketches of different types of bridges from  Simple Beam Bridges to the Big Suspension Bridges that are like seven bridges in one.

modelling My Simple Beam Bridge in sketch up gave me the correct perspective of my bridge.In earlier stages of the project,  I started drawing and sketching my Ideal bridge onto paper, I then moved on from experimenting with my drawing and  moved onto photo bashing  the idea is to pan out my experimentation’s to give me a wider range of Ideas to experiment with.I have chosen to do water under the bridge because it acts as nature friendly  And doesn’t destroy the environment.This isn’t the only reason I have chosen to do this bridge, I got my reference  from Skyrim, Skyrim is an old MMO That includes Dragons, goblins and magic , In the landscape they had a few of the same small arch bridges that I have discovered  from exploration.

The texture of the bridge is too clean for my opinion In further time I will redesign my Arch Bridge into a more fitting environment and improve my presentation for the next stage of my development. Instead the textures been just stone and stone bricks, I will add moss and algae to the bridge for it to have some wear and tear also move on to develop crack and broken bricks.


Here is A simple Beam  Bridge I modelled in sketch up. The bridge feels like it should be I an animation more than a game the colours are bright and the style of the concept is cartoony. I added some trees to fill up the background and to give it an environmental feeling.


Here is a bridge that I got off From the 3D warehouse in the sketch up tab,. This arch Bridge is a bridge with abutments at each end shaped as a curved arch. I wanted my design to a to have a structure of it been a Simple beam bridge and an arch bridge. While I was designed this bridge It reminded me Of most of the bridges that are used in Skyrim. These Bridges Are Usually made out of stone and wooden timber.

Fact: the Oldest existing arch bridge is in the Mycenaean Arkadiko that is in Greece Backdated  1300 BC, The bridge is still in use by Local  Populace  source file 



In this project, I feel Like I have done More research than most of my other project 1 year ago, I would never be thought of the architecture of some of these bridges on how they were developed. I have also learned how to create bridges with the right structure beams are placed for the bridge to stay stable or stay together. I experimented with my ideas and it allowed me to have a great range of bridges to chose from. The trees in my final concept look real and doesn’t suit the rest of the concept.




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