A pattern language

Here I will be reading a Book A pattern language by Christopher alexander this shows us how everything around us has been designed and built to create towns.The book consists of 253 different specific patterns that are found here. The Main focus of this book appears to be environment design because of the split sections within the patterns which are Buildings, towns and Constructions.

Looking at this list make me feel like I have learned a lot about Christopher alexander patterns and how they are set out. The first semester of games design I developed a town Map for my game project Christopher alexander patterns would have benefited me while developing those maps for my game. One of the patterns within this section “Between the housesClusters and work communities, allow the local road and paths network to grow informally piecemeal. This has made me think about the immersion of my map drawing as well as been narrative. The building within the map where designed way to large compared to its surroundings and my not been believable due to the fact the map was meant to be small and compact. however, my map drawing implements a post-apocalyptic style due to it been looking like a piece of paper with spilt coffee on it.


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