Presentation: Rendering

This session We were told to create as many 3D lights set up in 3DS Max.In 3ds max, I  re-opened my Crank file from 3D realisation, As I have already modelled my mesh I was enlightened to set up a lighting rig for that mesh.

What does lighting do?

Lighting is very important to bring the most out of you mesh, Lighting will be able to spot fine detail and cast smooth shadows on and around your mesh. Ambient occlusion  Is also well worth a try because it gives the mesh depth and greater detail.high-render-6-point-light

I have Taken different shot angles of my mesh with a different material (blue).  this will give you full visual of my mesh and what Basic rendering can do for your models. I still need to improve greatly on the lighting and rendering for my future projects.

For my Final Render, I have separated my meshes into 3 different views this allows you to see the prop in a different perspective.

I coloured the prop in a blue base colour to make it stand out to the background and for it to give another example on what it may look like if it were to be textured.angle-view-color-image-3view-2-color

Between each render, I like the bottom image better, it stands out to all the others and gives you a cleaner look than the first render I had done.I want to get better at rendering because I think it is the key thing to give my props the full potential of detail.


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